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  • rowdyrodent_1995 rowdyrodent_1995 Apr 17, 2013 2:44 AM Flag

    Just back and checking!

    Well we had a nice little celebration at the Village Inn about the results of my UGLY biopsy - it was NEGATIVE all the way!!! ;o)
    I see that ROYL had their biopsy also, NEGATIVE and it is malignant! :o(
    Loss/share $1.07 - millions in losses - but that was forseeable!
    Just as I posted with my "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH".............EXCUSES they will come up with! When a company has to go almost back to inception (1996) to state a positive cash flow - there is a major problem!
    All they got is letters of intent and not even a secured loan for the property in AK - it's a lease they have to pay for and no money to drill/develop!
    If they have to come up with the lease money, they better find a buyer to sell the lease (if it is transferable) and make a "little" money, then with the declining well outputs and the bank loans (maxed out) and their "shelf shares" already held by the bank....................?
    For IR call the honorable.............. BK judge! (or sell the ticker, it's worth lot's of money and the go OTC!)

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    • rowdy

      The board brasher here to say i am happy you are well. I feel all alone without you

    • hope all is well with health

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      • Thanks rpgjr.........will know more on May 8th! But my/our most fear is over!!! ;o)
        Lois almost came unglued when I told her that I got a biopsy to determine if it was cancer!
        Both of her parents died on cancer!
        Good trading and I hope all you folks can make money in the long run, but for now it almost looks my $2.50 was a little early and will come today!
        ROYL needs to be much more transparent to the share golders if this is supposed to go into the right (your) direction!

        Sentiment: Sell

    • Rowdy hope all is well ...Best Wishes to you and your family.

    • Hey Rowdy I didn't know you were fighting a health issue. Good to see the you are OK. Hang in there.
      Good trading to you.

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      • Thank you for your thoughts buddy "skully" and michael! I was diagnosed a while back with vasculitis, then it was stenesitis and finally venesitis - now the specialist tells me after I got a bad looking wound on my ankle he took the biopsy off that I need a specialist to be tested for "lympho-edema! The Ultrasound was also a success, so no vascular or venal problems!
        my Yearly Physical was also the BEST EVER with colestoral @ 153 and glucose @90, AST/ALT and other right in the middle of the specs!
        Thanks to OBIMBOCARE, which is already working, I won't get in till May 8th because the specialists are not coming anymore to our Medical Center in Hudson and I'll have to drive to St.Paul, MN!
        I hope by doubling our Hudson Medical Center/Physicians, making us the largest facility in Western WI, that we can attract those services again. For the first time I needed besides my proof of insurance (or Credit Card) and Medicare a picture ID! Talk about confused older people which got dropped off and didn't have an ID - and we discuss need for an ID to vote - should be automatic to avoid fraud!
        The other good news is that 3M is now thru an HCRA for my Medica Prime Enhaenced Primium!
        I hope that your investments pay off and thanks again!
        Good investing to you!
        (Noon time - Weizen Bier Time - PROST!)

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