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  • hopefullylong hopefullylong May 13, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    stringandtwocups: Please Tell Us How Many Shares Are Currently Authorized Of Common And Preferred Shares?

    If you can find the answer to my question, post the answer in a reply. Then explain why I am wrong and you are right.

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    • hopelly- neither you nor i can assert positively nor negatively as to whether the joint venture agreement will include royl agreeing to , in some form, diluting shares. there is no right or wrong - its unknowable to legit regular retail players. you theorize as you see fit. you want to point out that there are already authorized shares subject to be used to dilute,,,, even before the next june 2013 vote on increasing authorized shares............ so content yourself with that knowledge. meanwhile........plenty of shares are available for sale at $2.90/sh....................not long ago shares were selling for $2/sh. chew on that. and chew on the irrefutable notion that royl's assets have appreciated in value based on multiple factual events one of which is conoco phillips paid a vastly higher price for adjoining ak, north slope acreage. chew thoroughly on the notion that if joint venture is finalized by 5/30th or sooner ,,,,, with or without some concessions by royl that perhaps involve sharing developmental costs (thus perhaps s/h dilution)........NONETHELESS........ UPON publication of said finalized jv agreement.........royl corps mkt cap goes up NOT down.
      just my outlook.........everyone should bet royl based on their own due diligence. the way you have any stake whatsoever in royl corp or are you simply needing the pps to fall so you can find a cheaper entry price ( as belied by your alias hopeful long) ?

    • Beware the ROOKIE StringAndTwoCups, King of the Class Action Law Suit equity.
      DON'T let this ROOKIE leave you holding the bag!!

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