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  • griswaldie griswaldie Sep 21, 1998 5:22 AM Flag

    To usarccoman98 / Last post

    I want to thank you for the respect and support
    you have always given me, not only here, but every
    site where our paths have crossed. You are a true
    "gentleman" and I have considered it a privilege to be able
    to communicate with you, and although we do not know
    each other except anonymously, I will always remember
    our internet friendship.
    Semper Fi, my
    PS.. Hope this is one of those times when I'm wrong,
    concerning ROYL, and it soars past even your
    PPS.. (Happynessis) Thank you also. Vaya Con Dios.

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    • Does anyone know anything about Crest Oil and its relationship to Royale?

    • even started drilling the 1998 C Project. There
      is no 1999 progam as of this date. I know because I
      am a limited investor in all the 1998 programs. Some
      of the wells they drilled in 1998 have indeed been
      dry holes. For sure not all wells that are drilled
      hit. There are dry holes but I must tell you Royl has
      a great track record for finding gas. Don't hold me
      to it but I believe their sucess rate is over 70%.
      They are also selling their gas [all of it] for over
      2.00. Hope this helps. Good investing to you and your

    • I heard that they were all dry holes.

    • Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you
      quicker. Been out of the Country down Mexico way. OK let
      me guess it's Power River Basin. So even though I'm
      late I don't flunk the test you gave me or do I fail?
      Do you have any more thoughts on WGR at the current
      price that you can share with us on this board? Stay in
      touch and I will be more prompt next test. Hello to
      Happyness. Good investing to you and your family.

    • mid January 1999, what happen to the drilling
      programs of late 1998. according to mungers, one hole was
      dry and plugged. Does anybody know any details
      besides all the "perfume talk" that usually clutters the
      message board.

    • Turn your test paper in for

      Since you are so close to Royale Energy activities why
      don't you give some thought to setting up a Photo Web
      Site as I have done for Tri Valley Corp.

      Want to take a look at an example: Click

      Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand


    • Want to know how to find productive gas at 300
      Want to know how to drill a well for less that the
      cost of a Porche?
      Want to drive a truck with a
      drilling rig on the bed for speedy drilling?
      Want to
      know why I bought WGR at the rock bottom price of
      $5-1/2 with a 20 cent dividend?

      Click on this URL
      and find


    • sentimentalist. WOW I sure blew the spelling on
      my last message and even after using my spell
      checker. Oh well, oh well. Must have drank to much Cal
      wine that night. I am waiting for Rent's reports. I
      guess if he is sucessful I will owe him a six pack. Hi
      to Mr Griswaldie and good health and also hi to
      Happyness. Good investing to you and your family.

    • Here it is the weekend and Rent hasn't reported
      in yet. What do you think Usercom, did he get
      infected by the drilling fever as he was snooping around
      in the field? All eyes on this thread are trained on
      Arbuckle, California and Rent as we sit on the edge of our
      chairs awaiting the first


      P.S. Yep, you got it right Usercom, an ole'
      sentimentalist at this end! When you reach my age in life, it's
      not the money any's the fun and the game,
      right? But, I still acknowledge the need for the young
      to prosper on their investments.

    • I sure agree with you that when the big ones come
      in like Denverton Creek and Bloomfield Island it is
      exciting and of course profitable. You know Twain I have
      now figured you are a sentimalist at heart,
      hmn not a bad quality to have. Good luck to Rent in
      his quest to help us out. Good investing to you and
      your family.

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