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  • usarccoman98 usarccoman98 Aug 1, 2001 4:01 PM Flag

    The Gaviota Well prospect

    is one of the wells to be drilled in the four well 2001B drilling package. The Gaviota well project will re-enter an existing well bore and test a deeper pool in a structure that has already produced 70 billion cubic feet of gas in state waters offshore from Santa Barbara in Cal. ( This might account for the activity in Santa Barbara that colgroggs mentioned in a previous post.) The overall recoverable gas potential for the Sacate section in the Gaviota field is almost 70 billion feet of gas.
    This is the well project that has me very excited because I believe that this is the first time that Royale has or will go down an existing drill hole and use new technology to bring home the bacon so to speak. As many of you already know development in deeper zones offshore was stopped primarily by the offshore drilling moratorium in Cal. state waters in 1969. Royale feels that by drilling directionally from onshore they can hit pay dirt.
    There is a ton of additional information and if you all are interested I will share it with you next week when I return from the money show in San Fran and after listening to the Royale presentation for the second time.
    As usual good investing to you and to your families.

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    • Dr Methane
      That is right, the Sacramento River. I believe the wells were the Lopes 2 & 3. We were going to do a Bellancourt when he had his attack, that would have been south of the river. Dowsing is fascinating, but very exhausting for the dowser. If I remember correctly, he used a forked stick with a balloon of gas in one hand and a balloon of oil in the other. Royale is really ddown today, probably a good time to do some more buying. Regards Jed

    • "the river" being the Sacramento? Which were the wells? If I remember right a dowser uses tree branches or some from of conductive material, iron etc.? I have always found that fascinating....

    • To my knowledge Ben was not involved in Gaviota, he died of a heart attack in 82. He was a dowser and had the distinction of locating the largest gas well (for somebody else) south of the river until that time. I got involved in a couple of his wells north of the river, but they didn't pan out, one was knocked out with a tremor and I don't think we went deep enough on the other. Regards - Jed

    • Interesting UsarC, you might want to do a query on this. Benton O&G has drilled 1 (maybe 2?) extended reach wells from shore on this prospect. Probably testing other structures??? than ROYL has in mind. Undoubtedly there are significant reserves left here. The question is can you get to them from shore without going broke. Geologically a home run area, but technically from an Engineering standpoint (my speciality) a nut that has not yet been cracked based on extended reaches of 2 to 3 miles. But a nut that WILL be cracked, maybe by ROYL who knows. Remember everyone said the deep gas at Lost Hills was either tight or uneconomic and we were ALL (including me) wrong, maybe to the tune of 3 TCF? I search my files and see if I can direct you to some interesting reading that will only increase your excitement. With no chance of ever drilling offshore in the Channel extended reach is the only option and technology the only holdup. Funstuff.

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