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  • wheelbarrowme wheelbarrowme Sep 12, 2011 1:21 PM Flag

    Proof This is a Dirt Bag Investment?

    Specifically, what attracts you here?

    P/E ratio is over that good?
    Earnings extremely that good?
    Insiders not that good?
    Assets flat, not growing in a depressed RE market. They do manage their cash well.

    If you just like the divie, why invest in such a concentrated, undiversified company?

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    • Most of the previous 15 messages indicate true ignorance and lack of understanding as to what a health care REIT is all about. One of my key criteria to an investment is management's personal investment in the company ... i.e. risking their own cash. OHI scores an A+. Another is understanding the industry and the lessees. A+ here. The only negative that I see is the continuing manipulation by the Fed of the reimbursement rate received by the TENANTS, and not the landlord. Any weak tenants have been and will be quickly acquired by other operators at the same lease rate. Another A+. My overall bet on OHI? I buy and let others gripe and carp.