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  • incompetent98 incompetent98 Jul 12, 1999 9:50 PM Flag

    Branch Openings at A&P's

    Does anyone know when any of the bank branches are to open at the A&P's?

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    • I wish I was A WOC expert , but alas I am merely
      a humble shareholder. I'm always candid , as you
      noted - but my sister Sherry & my father run that show.
      I know that many companies with market caps under
      $50mm , or with net worth less than $50 mm have to get
      off the NYSE or file an "Action Plan" to deliniate
      specifically when & how said co.will meet these thresholds.
      That's all I know.Between our new online-banking , 26
      new branches opened , a new insurance subsidiary I'm
      impassioned about , I have time to focus on little else. Best
      , Alan

    • Mr. Wilz,
      I am VERY impressed with your candor
      and intelligence as manifested on this not-always
      courteous message board. I would invite you to kindly come
      address us on the WOC board. We need some light shed on a
      number of topics there.
      Best wishes,
      Jeff in
      WOC shareholder

    • No bank takes more pride in their appearance.Just
      look at one of our in-store "mini's" with their
      mahogany fluted columns and marble for confirmation.
      However,in the particular location you refer to, you are [
      unfortunately ] quite right. It certainly doesn't help that we
      purchased an ugly "seventies" building from 1st Fidelity
      and had the {since merged}Colonial State Bank build
      that gorgeous neo-classic giant next door.[remember it
      was a de-novo bank HEADQUARTERS,for the benefit of
      non-locals] It was such an idiotic design to begin with;with
      that stupid,wrap-around overhang that gets bashed by
      every single truck. While there's no excuse for a weak
      performance,please bear with me a bit.Our facilities and const.
      dept. will have comleted 26 NEW BRANCHES in '99
      alone,plus 6 re-habs [I'm still amazed..].At least we did a
      nice 100% renovation on the inside last
      year.(Hopefully you're a customer & know this already.)I will ask
      our architect to immediately come up with a new,more
      traditional,less vulnerable roofline/exterior elevation.Please
      don't judge this particular"book by it's cover",the
      branch performs very well,and the manager-Jassemine
      Narlis is fantastic.Regards.

    • do something about the exterior of tcnj branch at rts. 79 & 33 in Freehold. Compared to the adjoining bank it looks like a commercial disaster. What happened to facial pride?

    • But, nonetheless,I substituted "Bank" when I read
      your post.I agree that certain "" and Brokers
      present agressive competition,putting downward price
      pressure on deal multiples.Because of my position I can
      only offer my opinion...but ponder for a moment-what
      if we had "beaten Hubco to the punch" and merged
      with Dime last year ourselves.What [without 20/20
      foresight] would you have considered a "good"deal;1 Share @
      $32? I'm sure our stockholders would have"loved" to
      watch that stock slide 50%in the year since! And yes we
      are aware that "big" banks look to merge with
      like-or-larger sized competitors, or buy 60 insurance agencies
      like Commerce or try and emulate Citi-Travelers. SRVN
      had to get special permission to buy all those New
      England branches because their capital is stretched to
      the limit.Good leveraging ? - or "eyes biggger than
      stomach" ; only time will tell.You seem reasonably aware
      of the market {less so about our aspirations and
      goals..} who would you recommend as a strategic partner?
      Are you a shareholder? At what avg. price ? Who would
      you prefer to have steering the course of your
      investment ? Crutchfield @ First Union was a
      "water-walking-boy-wonder" until that "oops I've done nearly everything
      wrong" mea culpa , with it's resultant stock
      slide.Navigating a whirlwind of consolidation is not a simple
      endeavor,particularly when our Board & not just making
      decisions about their own money. We are entrusted with the
      precious investments and moreover,trust,of a lot of
      stockholders.We take this responsibility VERY seriously.As my
      father often says "you can only sell equity once".As
      always ,we remain open & receptive to any strategy that
      will provide for a good return & long-term stability
      for our shareholders. p.s. I could outright refute
      your inference about who would/is/will/or have
      expressed interest in TCNJ , but to do so would violate
      every rule and policy I know. Best Wishes,Alan

    • Lets face it thrifts are becoming less and less
      relevant, if you haven't figured that out by now you will
      most likely wake up when the stock price is $10. Don't
      delude yourself into thinking that your franchise is
      becoming more valuable as the bottom line is increasing
      and you add a few braches here and there; look at
      this way, most mergers have been mergers of equals,
      therefore, anyone interested in TCNJ will not pay a premium
      since their value has diminished in the eyes of their
      suitors. Wake up and smell the coffee. Look at SVRN they
      are far more valuable than TCNJ and they be lucky to
      get three times book. Any large bank looking to get a
      toehold in N.J. will not be looking at TCNJ.

    • You are. Fess up on your relationship and relative? at WOC. Let's WOC & WOLL.

    • 1. How is anything associated with WOC or WOC's
      management even remotely relevant to the investment quality
      of TCNJ's stock?

      2. Do you have some opinion
      or insight that has merit with respect to evaluating
      the economic logic of trading TCNJ?

      3. Is
      there some relevant information that you want to obtain
      from another poster? It seems that you are attacking
      the arguer instead of the argument which is a poor
      substitute for intelligent discourse. It has been my
      experience that people who do this are short on facts and
      long on immaturity. Is that your experience as

      That's just my opinion. Yours would be welcome if
      properly constucted.

    • I'm sure that you know what Yahoo forum you are
      reading and posting to. In case you are uncertain, this
      is the Trust Company Bank message board.

      is anything associated with WOC or WOC's management
      even remotely relevat to the investment q

    • Is that your relative that heads up that disaster called WOC?

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