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  • dispose_2003 dispose_2003 Jun 1, 2004 10:00 AM Flag

    Yan QingxinAre Sued for Dividing up Chi

    Yan Qingxin and Liu Junguo et al Are Sued for Dividing up Chinese Democratic Fund

    Luo Ji, reporter of Tianhua Culture website, reported on May 26: Yan Qingxin and Liu Junguo who gained fame by suing Zhonggong leader, CSG President Zhang Hongbao were sued by the Legal Section of Chinese Federal Development Fund for dividing up Chinese Democratic Fund. There are 10 people being sued.

    Chinese Democratic Fund was founded by Peng Ming and Wang Deyao in 2002. Yan Qingxin illegally transferred $2, 250,000 onto the account of Chinese Federal Development Fund which was originally used for supporting Chinese Democratic Movement by Zhonggong organization. Soon, Yan illegally withdrew $580,000 from the Fund and put into the account of Liu Junguo (her husband) and his Pacific Law Firm; soon again, Yan illegally withdrew $960,000 from the Fund and quit the connection with the Fund. The other accused divided up the rest of the Fund. The total of the Fund that was divided up was $2, 250,000. At the time of last division, the person who signed all the checks was Yang Haiping who was accompanied and accommodated by the National Security Bureau when he went back to tour in China.

    Due to the fact that the public funds and the democratic funds were divided up by individuals, the Fund has stopped functioning. This case has been officially registered at the California District Court in USA.

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    • Zhang Hongbao,

      You know you will be sent back to Beijing to be punished for your violent crimes against women, murder, tax evasion, practicing medicine without a license, fraud, forgery, and other assorted violations of the law; you just don't know when.

      Welcome to "hell" U.S. style. As soon as your legal team exhausts you bank account(s), and the FBI returns from China with their investigation into the scores of rapes you have been charged with, I think that will be the time you can expect to be deported back home.

      We both know you will come back to Beijing. We just don't know when.

      But don't worry, "I'll leave a light on for you."

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