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  • mk33333333 mk33333333 Jun 3, 2005 1:02 PM Flag


    Ever since bill o'reilly said nyt was an ultra liberal newspaper. thank you, bill.

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    • James M. Kilts

      New member of the New Jerk Slimes.

      His wife, Leni, is on the board of the Jewish Museum.
      of New York.

      Welcome NeoCon James M. Kilts.

      He should enjoy the company of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rumsfeld over dinner some time soon.

      Birds of a feather flock together.

      Watch him clean house?

    • Ad revenue at the New York Times has shown a "modest" improvement in the second quarter from a year earlier, said Leonard P. Forman, the company's chief financial officer, but he added that thus far in June, "we have not seen a continuation of May's strength, and June ad revenues are currently trending lower than anticipated, although still above the same period last year."

    • Nice time to sell. My gut tells me it is goodbye to the 30s and we begin to see 20s.

    • I agree.
      If it has reached bottom, my back pocket says buy but my stomach says NO. I wonder if I could just hold my nose short term while profiting from the bounce ?

    • If we get a green close then we will be looking at a very important event signaling that a bottom is very possibly being formed. At some point, stocks get sold down to a level where bad news is ignored. The Times is starting to act that way. Of course, we'll have to wait for the close to have a better feel is this is legit.

    • Glad I bailed yesterday for a push. Yep - today could be the high volume toilet flush type of day that tests $30. In to the $20s ?! It now looks very likely. The stock is getting 'washed out' and we'll what level we slide to this time. Many times the best indication of a 'bottoming out formation' is when the stock stops falling on bad news. This is what we saw recently with WalMart.

    • "New York Times reporter Judith Miller faces up to 18 months in jail for refusing to testify in a grand jury probe of who divulged the name of CIA officer Valerie Plame. Disclosure of an undercover intelligence officer's identity can be a federal crime."

      More news comes from the bench next week.

      Lower Courts attacking "The Shield" Law.

      It's time we, the courts, put the "private" bank into Privacy Rights.

      Let's define "Private" and what �Public� is by throwing a few of these hacks behind bars.

      This home confinement for 4 months is to too weak for breaking the law and not revealing your source.

      Take away the reporter's pen, computer, and phone. Then we will see the 'true colors' of these hacks.

      I think the hack would sing like a choir boy if they had to go without the pen, computer, and phone for a while.

      Still, revealing what is alleged,� Disclosure of an undercover intelligence officer's identity" is a "federal crime."

      And it happened in time of war which makes things worse!

      Now it is really "treason" now, isn't it?

      It's time for the true patriots to show up. (Larry Franklin going to jail for a long time was a nice job.)

      And for the traitors, serious jail time at the minimum and at the end of a rope for the maximum.

      No more free rides serving time at "home."

      "Sources? Sources? I don't need to show you no stinking sources!"

      Now it is prison...18 months and the old...

      Before (.) After (o)

    • Had to bail. This stock rallies a quarter or two while the market romps and then it dumps on a wiff of market weakness. No reversal is what today is telling me. Somehow I see a test of $30 coming, but we'll have to wait and see. As I've said before, I would love to see the volume surge on a $30 test. We need something to flush out the last weak hands and draw in some buyers.

    • Yes, NYT seems to be stabalizing.

      $32.61 (50 day moving average) will be the first real test, if NYT is finally heading up. Test may come within a week or two if the stock market holds up.

      Lot of money coming out of longer term treasuries now, since Greenspan said "interest rates may be going up".

      Some of the money may find relatively safe and solid stocks.

    • The stock was flat Thursday and Friday and moved up Monday after many down days. The stock is attempting a reversal. We'll see if we get follow through today. The valuation factor is finally coming into play with investors, thanks to the Barrons article. As I've said before, at $30 a share you're only looking at about ten times cash flow. Despite the lack of growth, that valuation just is hard to ignore.

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