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  • beijingyank beijingyank Jun 5, 2005 4:58 AM Flag

    Impeachment Talks Heating Up

    The answers to Conyer's questions could show the President and his cabal are guilty of "high crimes."

    Any politician, Republican or Democrat that votes not to impeach, once high crimes are proven, won't stand much chance of being reelected.

    Now ask yourself this. If a politician has a choice of voting for Bush and losing the next election, or voting against Bush and winning the next election, it doesn't take a PhD from Yale to figure out what the politicians are going to do?

    As for your opium remark, unlike OBL, opium is easily found in Afghanistan. There is a 'bumper crop' this year; all thanks go to your boy, Bush.

    Opium is very rare in China. It is only grown in the far west and in areas where the Chinese Muslims are found in number.

    The days of the Sassoon opium monopoly, an organization that only hired Jews, are over. Like Iraq, Sassoon goaded and used the English to fight his war to expand his monopoly.

    Sassoon was one the pioneers of "outsourcing" too. Using the dirty money he developed cotton mills in India. Because of cheap labor, he is responsible for wiping out the textile industry in England and putting many English families on the bread lines.

    Even FDR's family's wealth came from the opium trade. FDR's family was involved in transporting for Sassoon (illegally) the opium to China, and then filled the ships up with tea for sale in the States and in Europe.

    Today opium is a very rare commodity, and if caught dealing in the commodity, your family will get a 12 cent bill from the government. This bill that will be delivered to your front door is for the cost of the bullet used to put an air conditioner in your head.

    These comments you make about a "civil war" and "guns" are indicative of psychological issues you are having. Can't you find a lazy, fat, feminist, loud mouthed, bleach blonde, to release all that tension and stress you have?

    Dude, stay in the States. You're words, attitude and education are reason the world ridicules and gives Americans scorn.

    Thanks to your boy Bush, I think I will stay in China for many reasons but it begins with "I FEEL SAFER!"

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