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    • <<<.."yet our economy is still growing at 3% and unemployment is 5.1%. Why? Business and the markets have confidence in our President and his stewardship of the war and our economy. "...>>>

      We will see. My expectations are for an inflationary recession similair to the 1970 to 1974. It will be very difficult to prosper considering our debt load. The only thing we can be sure of it will take more $ to pay things we are accustomed to paying.

    • Fish on Friday?

      Humm, I wonder how much Slime mercury is in that fish?

      LEt's not talk about the other heavy metals out there that the Slimes could give a rat's azz about. Because in the end, this is something for the tax payer to clean up.

    • First of all if your going if your going to say Clinton had nothing to do with the economy then Bush had nothing to do with the economy. I mean this argument is so rediculous. You can't just had out credit when you feel like it. All presidents get cheered when the economy is good and get jeered when its bad. Its just the way that it is. Next on terrorism. What could Clinton have done? He tried in less than avert way to kill Bin Laden. Unfortunetly he would have had the public support to start a full out war. Unfortunetly you have to have disaster before the public takes notice. President Bush had that disaster and can now have a full out war on terrorism and I think hes doing a good job not great but good. The only reason I say good not great is because again unfortunely we have not killed Bin Laden. When that happens it will turn to great. Remember though the first attack on the TWC was in 93 and then not till 2001 did we get it again. We are not out of the woods by any means. I don't think we ever will.

    • >>>.."Dole was a nice man, an authentic war hero, but a rather ineffectual Republican. Perhaps because he was a moderate? His `96 campaign against Clinton was pathetic...>>>

      Well Clinton was a fine President in my opinion. He was a moderate as far as fiscal policy goes. He did not leave the nation with a lot of debt. He had a nice way of dealing with people.

      Currently, we have a President who enriches the very well off, has loaded the nation with Debt. It's not clear to me America will remain a leading industrial nation. Many of our manufacturing plants have been moved overseas. I'm not sorry Maytag who moved there plants to asia is in trouble financially.

      Outsourcing continues unabated, and many service jobs are being lost as well. Immigration, much of it illegal grabs many of the common jobs - say carpenter helpers, landscaping, maids and so on. A neighbor told me, a young man working for a landscaper told him. "Remember, if you are hurt, you were fired last week." Pay is fairly good, but all under the table. No social security, unemployment pay and things like that.

      I feel this "nothing down" mortgage stuff will end badly someday, especially for the poor, and President Bush will not be remembered kindly.

      Ted Kennedy, not my favorite Democrat. There are many good moderate policians in congress, both side of the aisle. Unfortunately, none of them are likely to be elected president.

    • <<<...I would never in my life question Bob Doles wounds or patrotism. He deserves respect even thoughI disagree with him on many issues. ...>>>

      Bob Dole was a moderate who worked well with Democrats and Republicans. Also, in retrospect, he rarely, if ever, attacked his opponents. He was a very effective Republican.

      At this point, I think McCain is about the only hope for our country. He rarely attacks people personally either.

      I voted for Kerry, but would not do so again. Yes he was a brave soldier; perhaps yearning to relive his wartime experience.

      But he was an attack dog with a knack at offending people. I dislike President Bush intensely. Too bad he didn't inherit some of the qualities of his Father, who I did like.

      From the one post of yours that I have read, you are just as arrogant as most of those you argue with.

    • I have heard him say I love this country and its a good thing. Do you doubt he loves his country?

    • You're probably right. I have been described as being somewhat cynical. It's just the asshole in me.

    • I've heard George Bish say I love my country before and I think he is very sincere. I think questioning those words is being just a bit too cynacle.

    • Just my life experience...
      When someone says " i love my country blah blah blah
      it usually is self serving, melodramatic,
      crapola, that's all

    • Now why would you say that? How do you know how I feel first of all and everyone should feel the same. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. All I have to say is the magic words"I love my country".

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