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  • jean_paul_angeletti jean_paul_angeletti Jul 11, 2005 2:54 PM Flag

    London Explosives 'military'

    Yeah, which military I wonder

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    • No doubt, f"u" is a closet Bella Abzug stalker.

      He spits venom like a chicken hawk neon with billions of tax payers money hanging out in a Swiss bank account, but we know deep down in his heart, he does everything for Bella.

      He could even be writing for the Times because he has the art of alienation down pat. Anyone reading his trite, dribble realize the liberal Democrats start to look good.

    • Come out of the closet Fyou.

      Admit you are a liberal New York Democrat.

      We know you carry Bella Abzug's picture in your wallet and think she is too sexy.

      Come out of the closet F'u.'

    • Hey eggs Benedict, the game is called "Pin the tail on the Moslems."

      It worked well in NY, and is working fine in London.

      Can you find the Arab names on the flight passenger list? You would think DNA of at least one Arab would show up on flight 77?

      These "clean skin" kid's handler sure had no connection to Mossad.

      I wonder what blairing bushit spin is attached to patsy "clean skin" kids getting their hands on military explosives.

      For a Democratic liberal, shill provocateur, you're doing a great job!

      Jeb Bush '08!

      Keep up the good work Hillary! But unless McCain meets with an accident, the next President will me him.

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