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  • chamberdogges chamberdogges Jun 28, 2006 6:22 AM Flag

    This is alot about nothing!

    Although we may or may not (and the terrorists may or may not) have know exactly how the US was checking for possible terriorist movements of money as far back as 2001 after 9/11 - it was pretty much well reported in the media and statements were made by the Bush administration as early as 2001 that the US gov't would be following how the terrorists moved money through international banking. So this is a whole lot about nothing. In sympathy I bought 5shs of NYT to show support for the NYT for the unfair beating its taking buy the news and right wing morons who see the NYT as "great satan" of the liberal media (and for the really screwed up among them who see its as an example of how Jews control the media) I welcome this continued hatred of the company that may force to stock price lower like the idiot acts on MO forced its shares so low at one point that its dividend yield was around 10% at one time.

    I for one will be more than happy if all this bull negativism continues against NYT so that I will be buying share's of NYT in 1000 share blocks. So to these right wing nuts who are bashing the NYT please keep it up. I had sold out of the NYT years ago when it was around $48 a share after having originally buying it (pre-split) for around $28 a share and then put my shares into their DRiP. I would love to have such an opportunity again. You will be turning the share price of the old grey lady into one hott young chick with this stupidity (and lord knows I love to take advantage of social stupidity to make money).



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    • Al Gore breathes too heavy!!!

    • Bush approval: 37%

      Polls, polls. Idiots live by polls - not capable of thinking of their own. Whatever the media tells them, they believe. Media puppets!

    • Thank you Dean - I got a good laugh from your comments also.

      This board should be about what really is the value of NYT and whether or not it makes a good investment right now. I am currently neutral to negative on the whole print industry for reasons I have mentioned earlier. My only support of the NYT is on freedom of the press issues. Again I think the Bush administration has a right to be upset that the NYT printed this story - but to call them traitors is just silly. I am actually kind of bummed because I wouldn't mind seeing the stock drop alot so I can buy alot of shares on the cheap. Remember that garbage about WEN a little while back where this women faked finding a finger in her chili. That would have been a great time to have in bought shares on the drop (I believe had you gotten at the low you would have more than doubled your money now). Sorry if my blantant capitalism bother some folks on here - but being a capitalist is what being an American is all about - as all our founding fathers were. Take your fascist or socialist ideals and leave them where they belong - in the trash can of the past. In American all that matters is that money talks - and everything else walks (and for the sake of the Republic let it stay that way).



    • i believe keller has thrown his hat into the ring now .....

    • Finally some sanity in a post. Congratulations Dogges. Most posts here are dribble from folks with agendas to drive the price down, or far right republicans who don�t represent my views and I am a republican so dont go there you neocon nuts.

    • What we need is someone like Teddy Roosevelt - but I don't see anyone able to fill his shoes among the current crop of candidates.



    • I think we should simply re-elect Al Gore to the Presidency once again - he's already proven he can win it.

    • The reality is that we all lose if either party dominates the government. The the nuts on either side get their way and we don't need the nuts. However, after I watched Scarborough Country on MSNBC on Monday because I was curious due the the fact Ann Coultier (sp?) was on - the overwhelming majority of viewers 82% to 18% backed the fact that the NYT had not committed a act of treason. I think you are going to find that most Americans are more horrified at the actions of the Bush administration to supress the press. For the republicans sake I hope they don't try to make attacking the NYT and freedom of the press an issue to campaign on - that would backfire big time.





    • I think Russ Feingold is the real deal. Check him out on Meet the Press and see for yourself!

    • we shall... by the way, who will be running in 08 for the libs ? any strong contenders out there ?

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