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  • tunac1ipper tunac1ipper Jun 28, 2006 1:28 PM Flag

    Everyone in my family has cancelled...

    thier subscription to the NYT. I cancelled years ago but my more liberal family memebers kept thiers until this week. Even they had enough of a paper who are willing to sell out thier own country.

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    • Wow - there is another immature fool - you go on ignore.

    • Go Jack Off!!!!

    • Actual- if you are against the NYT that was warning against terrorist plots while the Bush administration wasn't looking into Al-Queda because it was over there - you are. Not to blame Bush along Clinton didn't do enough on the issue now. And now your hero Bush is taking reducing the funding for NYC's defense - Bush is a shame.

    • I�m immature? Perhaps, but at least, unlike you, I�m not a supporter of an entity that has a hand in aiding the very group that brought down the Twin Towers.

      fucking moronic, bleeding-heart liberal, limp-dick dip-shit.

    • I don't think you understand the purpose of your post. All you have done is shown yourself in be a very immature individual. Get a clue. That may not be what you intended to show yourself as a very naive and immature individual - that that is all you have accomplished.



    • �You are right that will don't have rights to speak falsehoods in many cases - but that has nothing to do with this article in the NYT.�

      Not only can you not write well, your reading comprehension level is on par with your diminutive thinking process.

      You fucking moron, the point in my post has nothing to do with proving a correlation between not having rights �to speak falsehoods� and the subject story and everything to do with common sense and exercising the responsibility to preserve THE SAFETY OF THE NATION, which was jeopardized by the NYTurd for the sole purpose of personal and financial gain.

      You claim to have lost friends and/or acquaintances on 9-11, if so, out of respect to them, you should take the five shares of NYT that you�ve misguidedly purchased and run them through a paper shredder.

    • Excuse me pal - I was long before calling for action against arab terrorist prior to 9-11 - you need to blame that crap on people (on both sides of the aisle that didn't do enough for years because it was over there. 9-11 sadly was our pearl harbor. I know people who died in those towers - never accuse me of not being sympathetic.



    • 3000 people in the twin towers lost their civil liberties because of shit like you!!!

    • there's the dims i know... when it comes to logic, throw out a put down. thanks for showing up.

    • Fox News admits to having a bias - I watch fox news, but everyone knows they have a bias and they don't deny it. You obviously don't understand what they mean by "fair and balanced." The are not saying they are unbiased when they say that. What they mean is the present there bias interpretation of the news but don't make up any facts to present it. Their facts are accurate - its there interpretation that is bias. I that they are similar to the NYT - its just there point of view on the facts that differs between the two.

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