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  • lowellfield lowellfield Jun 30, 2006 1:51 PM Flag

    Surveillance was public knowledge

    Everyone knew we were tracking terrorist finances. The government stated as much publicly.

    They just don't like that there's going to have to be some level of Congressional and judicial oversight.

    The United States did not become a monarchy on 9/11/01, as much as you people like to think so.

    "Keep us ignorant! PLEEEASE!"

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    • The United States did not become a monarchy "on 9/11/01, as much as you people like to think so..."Keep us ignorant! PLEEEASE!"

      It appears that you are doing just fine keeping yourself ignorant without much assistance. Keep up the good work, America's enemies can use all of the usefull idiots that they can find.

    • It would be great if you stop spinning and showed some interest beyond your weak/loud characterizations.

      "Swift" was NOT known to the public. This whole dimension is what made this program unique and why BOTH Republicans and Democrats called the Times and pleaded with them not to publish.

      Sulzberger's re-tort today was completely disengenuous today, as a result. He was simply spinning.

      Keep up the assault on the Times and DEMAND THE RELEASE OF ALL 20 LEAKERS. IT IS IN OUR PUBLIC INTEREST!

    • The best place for people like you to be during war time is in front of a firing squad with the rest of the traitors from the NY Times.

    • The US Military is fighting and killing Al Qaeda all over Iraq

      Didn't you listen to your hero bin laden's latest tape you snivelling little coward libturd??

    • and um um um... that's after how many years of a run up ? do you really want to get into this perfect economy with me ? revised GDP and so on. i didn't think so.

      here we go... it's okay for thousands to die on american soil but wrong to die to protect our freedom. you make PERFECT sense.

    • of course not

      what is bleak for this liberal asshole is that GWB has beaten the living crap out of his beloved left wing political party for years

      that is the ONLY thing that matters to shitheel liberals like this one

      they are as depressing a group of pathetic losers as you are ever likely to find

      I know them well -- unfortunately-- they are a spiteful bunch of little pussies

    • Household net-worth at an all time record high of over $50 trillion, record home ownership, strongest gdp growth in decades, all time record corporate profits at 2x the prior peak (about $1.2 tril), all time record high corporate profits as a percent of gdp (about 10%), all time record corporate dividends, all time record employment, all time record household incomes, govt. Tax receipts at all time record high and surging, deficit plunging to a pissant 2.5% of gdp, benign inflation at 2.1% core rate, even after 17 hikes interest rates are still at historically low levels, tax cuts...and terrorism on the run.

      not exactly paul krugman's "great unraveling." bleak? just exposed yourself as a financial illiterate.

    • How about the war which has cost thousands of American lives, billions of American dollars, and was predicated on a calculated deception of the American people.

      And, um, you need to check your housing data again before you take all your NYT money and blow it on TOL.

    • You are a moron

      even the NYT doesn't claim there was anything illegal about the SWIFT wire transfers program

      Nor does the NYT even attempt to claim that the program was "ineffective" or inappropriate (which would be hard to do since the NYT had itself years ago demanded tracking of internatiuonal terrorist financing)


      the NYT wilfully disclosed it in a childish attempt to somehow "embarass" the President who, as these scumbag traitors at the paper now discover to their stupified amamazement, was SIMPLY DOING EXACTLY WHAT 99% OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WANT HIM TO BE DOING-- Keeping track of the islamonuts who are bent on destroying our country

      I hope to hell the NYT is the next target of a suicide airplane ride by some crazed muslim killers

      I don't think anything else is ever going to get these blind idiots to realize that there are more important things to this country than their hatred of GWB

    • what is it that you find bleak ?

      strong economy, huge housing starts, safe from terrorist ?

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