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  • nothanks167 nothanks167 Jan 22, 2010 8:00 AM Flag

    CNN & NYT blamed for Obama's failure

    Many are saying that Obama's message has not been properly communicated to the American people.

    Obama's message is not being sold correctly through it's news outlets.

    CNN & NYT are Obama's top two news outlets.

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    • Obama is a great speaker with over 400 speeches. The only problem is - he can't convince anyone to do anything! CNN & NYT is weak. As a result both will suffer for not helping Obama communicate to America properly.

      CNN & NYT will be under great pressure come August & September. I wonder if NYT political writers will go on vacation like The Boston Globe political writers did during the Martha Coakley race?

    • they think they are so much smarter tand the rest of us all all just IDIOTS!

      they don't see m to understand that we DO understand and that we R-E-J-E-C-T their ideology

      The Progressives believe we will all just love life in Amerika if we play their game and follow their lead!! LOL LOL

      Who said Obama was intelligent? He faisl to udnerstand a key thing: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!

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      • Well you know a shark smells blood so Capitalism is decaying, Capitalism based on machines,factories,land and financial institutions must be done away with by expropriation.To expropriate the capitalists the people need to discard the wxisting government machinery and institute a working class govt based on minorities and middle class.Socialism begins under this "new workers government" You guys shouldnt get to warm and fuzzy over a Brown win as the battle has begun along time ago and could be won by the enemy without firing a shot by incrementalism.

    • LEE, MNI are four baggers THIS year.

      NYT, GCI are doubles

    • The NYT and CNN only regurgitate the same garbage Obama has been talking about endlessly. He has been on TV over 400 times the first year, it's not that he isn't getting his message across it's just that the American people are waking up to the fact that he is a snake oil salesman and are rejecting his policies.

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