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  • nothanks167 nothanks167 Feb 4, 2010 7:20 AM Flag

    Washington hates you

    That's the message I see coming out of Washington

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    • The Democrats just don't get it. I am afraid that the democrats are going to push this healthcare bill through - knowing they will all be out of a job come November. This will be there main focus....not jobs!

    • Jan3 CBS 60 minutes – “delay, deny, and wait until you die-VA Hospital”

      DU exposure-6 billion years of poison…only a zionist manipulated foreign policy out of Washington DC would push this crap.

      Only a zionist manipulated press won’t talk about it.

      Silence about DU in the press removes all and any doubts about their culpability and guilt.

      Israel is on the cutting edge of manufacturing state of the art, bio/chem./nuke bunker systems, ah gee whiz, imagine my shock.

      DU leads to lung cancer, eye disease, bone cancer, leukemia, birth defects...
      Contracted through contaminated food, water, soil, inhalation…

      zionist controlled press reports 3000+ GI’s died in Iraq…

      How many GI’s come home to a CBS 60 Minute VA hospital where “delay, deny, and wait until you die” is the norm?

      The enemy is clear.

      The CIA, couple with the zionist cabal, must be attacked and thrown on the trash heap of history.

      These criminals don’t care about how the public “feels.” They only are concerned about “action.”

      It is now time for all Patriots to think seriously about organization and action. Or are you going to wait for rhese devils to put two .38 slugs into your head and have it ruled a suicide. Google “Gary Webb.”

      As an aside, I wonder how many Sultzbergers did their patriotic service and served in the military?

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