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  • vinny19482001 vinny19482001 May 8, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    It is so easy to prove my case

    Liberals are nothing but Parrots, no brains just regurgitors of the party line:

    If this is who you are then this country really is in trouble. We don't expect you to help us just move over so we can bring some kind of intelligence back into the discussion and return our country back the way it was before you screwed it up.

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    • Here, with everything the Democrats have done to this country, does this help??????>:

      I'm sorry Mom, I don't want to offend those delicate feelings of yours.

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      • Way to go Vinny......Did I get your GOP goat?? Keep solving the problems of the country with your babble here and your links showing what? People are sick and tired of your folded arms approach to politics. Face it bucko......we need to clean house and start all over again with what our framers had in mind......and no, you far right schmucks don't have the market cornered on those values/ethics/beliefs and intentions either. Take some more Geritol and man up. In the meantime, I'll continue making money daytrading while you cry in your koolaid.


    • Pulitzer...I admire your efforts to shed light on the situation in our country. I tried the same several days ago but to no avail. Please understand that Vinny is content with finger pointing at his idea of the "left". Possibly from over imbibing at one of the tea parties on the koolaid. Either way we are in trouble..... It's time to clean house and get rid of them all. Somewhere along the road our beloved "suits" and I mean all of them, forgot the fact that they work for us. Some good posts from you by the way....stay focused and thanks.

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      • Really, we are saying the same thing EXCEPT to the left who either have accepted what is taking place and have made anyone who has questioned the actions of this administration and his enablers are "Racist, homophobes incapable of accepting the truth as Obama, his minions the MSM (who are in the tank and rarely take him to task) and his Czars see it.

        Don't try to make this an even footing on both sides. Since 1/07 ONE party has been in control ONE. It has been their actions with the collusion of the MSM we now face a Constitutional Crisis. I accept some blame, but show me anywhere, ANYWHERE, where the left has accepted what they are trying to transform this country into. That includes MOM too.

        Maybe we should try making nice with the left, do you for a minute think that would change anything. NO. MOM parrots the "Racist Tea Party" Where?????? Show me. But I have shown them to be the hypocrites they are every single day. Maybe they come down on me because I'm not inclusive and try to blame everyone for the mess the democrats and their progressive enablers are putting this country through. Maybe I should accept the $6 trillion in debt he has piled on top of us.

        I go back to my original question show me in black and white the truth as I have done. Or MOM, am I allowed to say black and white or am is being to "racist".

    • Vinny, I got some advice for you.

      Don't bring your double edged switchblade to an automatic gun fight.

      The world is not left and right, Coke or Pepsi, or divide and conquer. It's multi-dimentional and something more complicated then what you see through those rose colored mono frame sunglasses of yours.

      You are an easy mark for a guy that did not "take the red pill."

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