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  • beijingyank beijingyank May 21, 2012 7:45 AM Flag

    Human Extinction Event

    Fukushima Dumping 100 Terabecquerals Of Radiation A Day...

    Barky is overdue for another multi million dollar vacation.

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    • Michio Kaku sums up the Fukushima situation saying:

      “In regards to Unit 3, we found where we thought there was 33 ft. of water above the core. We put a TV camera in Units 2 and 3. We have TV pictures of the core; Unit 2 is completely liquefied, Unit 3 does not have 33 ft. of water on top of it, it has two feet of water. Two feet of water, not 33, meaning that the core is completely or partially covered, meaning it could liquefy. So between Units 2, which is completely liquefied, Units 3, which is totally exposed, and Unit 4, which has 1,500 spent-fuel rods that, in principle, are exposed to the outside environment, we have a catastrophe in the making.”

      If you think "Photoshop" Barky is coming to the rescue, you are a walking dead person.

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      • Please correct me if I make a mistake. These "liquified" cores have another word, "China Syndrome." The cores will burn down into the earth and nothing can stop it. When it hits water, and explosion will occur. The radiation in time will spread throughout Honshu making the main island of Japan inhabitable.

        The Pacific is lost. Eat seafood at your own peril.

        The oligarch globalists, deeply entrenched in nuclear power/weapons are also in control of the main stream media/ They are mute for a reason. They don't care and their silence is collusion to mass murder and very possible extinction of humanity.

        Watch the globalist oligarchs resettle in the southern hemisphere. The globalist white papers brag about the need of culling the world population by 80% I think they will get their wish over the next ten years. They hope the general population does not wake up from their brain washed slumber and take them out first.

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