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  • beijingyank beijingyank Jun 20, 2012 1:34 PM Flag

    Congressman Cohen-Scumbag Extraordinaire

    "There are no FEMA camps." Said Cohen, only to be humiliated on national TV by Jesse Ventura. So Cohen has Homeland Security erase the show. The government goes illegally into everyone's home, without warrant, electronically, and erases the show. Strong arm tactics of "the government is not going to renew your license to broadcast," if you don't comply.

    Remember these guys inside the Beltway are criminals. They engage in torture, extra judicial murder, false flags, renditions, drug smuggling, gun running, illegal wars, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. War criminals are lining up to support Romney. War criminals like termites inside the Barky's illegitimate government. Thousands of bullet proof pill boxes coming to a roadway check point real soon. Posse Comitatus gone, military soon to be in American cities.

    450 million rounds of 20 caliber (hollow point) ammunition purchased by Homeland Security. 10,000 drones coming to your neighborhood real soon?

    Now who do you think they are going to use those illegal munitions on Congressman Cohen, "alien bigfoots form Mars?"

    This neocon, two passport carrying, quisling, scumbag is a tick on the big terrorist Washington dog that is planning to pull off a complete take over.

    Going to be a tall order for Patriots to take the nation back when the gangsters crash the dollar, and the Fukushima radiation poison begins to do its' magic.

    The Beltway terrorists got the guns, they got deep pockets and are well organized. They don't have the numbers, so it is only logical that they plan to reduce the ranks of the "worthless eaters." If they happen to be Patriots, all the better.

    We stand up and fight now or we perish. Time to organize a National Strike while there is still time.

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