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  • the_stock_warrior the_stock_warrior Jul 26, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    Nice growth of digital subscribers

    From 472,000 last quarter to 532,000 this quarter. Future cash cow in the making?

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    • No. Just a blip ... as they play games with giving away "free tastes."

      Seriously, you simply CANNOT replace hard dollar (and not cheap) subs with anything digital, and everybody knows the truth about this company, thanks to the NY Mag article.

      You have a "member of the family" heading up a public company and trying to do right by HIS family and the public shareholders would be tough enough ... EXCEPT

      He can't keep it in his pants - hate to be crude, but it sure is relevant - so he loses a capable ("professional") manager for strictly personal reasons and - WHAT - cannot replace her for 6+ months. Like nobody wants the prestige?! ... No, the good people would actually like to be able to make some calls, and that's not in the cards.

      People clamor for Bloomberg to come in and "rescue" the company. Wanna bet the next owner (whether or not it's any time soon) makes some serious course correction from putting out 120 pages or so of "what do you call that stuff?" every day?!

      THEN maybe we could see a serious (viable ?) P & L. Speaking from experience, if you have heart disease, maybe you better give up smoking and change your lifestyle in other ways.

      The Times has a pack-a-day habit - minimum - with publications that are like 3-day old fish. THEY CAN'T SELL REAL ESTATE ads in NY or Boston in THIS MARKET?!

      I know what that means! You'd think anybody with his head screwed on - INSIDE the NYT - would be able to figure it out, too.

      But if you have "obligations to history," man - what the heck is a non-family shareholder thinking if/when they buy in?! That's one, I cannot answer!

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