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  • aboin2012 Sep 4, 2012 8:19 AM Flag

    Listed Below is what Obama calls Hope & Change so what do you call it?

    Listed Below is what Obama calls Hope & Change so what do you call it?

    1. Turned a $500B annual deficit into $1.5T.
    2. Turned a $9T debt into a $16T debt.
    3. Turned $1.83 per gallon gas into $4 Plus a gallon.
    4. Turned 6% unemployment into 8.3% and spent $9T to get us there.
    5. Stopped the war in Afghanistan, not.
    6. Closed Gitmo, not.
    7. Banned water boarding and replaced it with execution without due process.
    8. Tried to get Mexico to adopt our 2nd amendment by sending hundreds of guns there.
    9. Had a 400% increase in domestic terrorism over Bush.
    10. Bailed out the UAW at GM.
    11. BK'd the bond holders at GM.
    12. Increased food stamp enrollment to its highest ever level over 1 in 7.
    13. Increased the number of people on SSI to record levels while cutting SS by $500B.
    14. Played more rounds of golf than any President in history.
    15. Taken more days of taxpayer funded vacations than any President in history.
    16. Got Bin Laden. Oh I mean the Brave Navy Seals got Bin Laden.
    17. Obama appointed more Czars’s than Russia ever had.
    * I could think of dozens more but you get the point. Vote Romney or vote for a failure for 4 more years.
    *** Your November voting choice is a proven Business Success Romney or proven failure Obama plus 4 more years of Obama lies and failure like above if re-elected. Your vote counts.

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