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  • beijingyank beijingyank Mar 18, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    Germany Knows the Government is Rogue

    Germany knows about Building 7's free fall, nano thermate, and the air wasn't safe to breath or the water safe to drink. They know there were no WMD, and the stink from Denmark is enough for them to understand the U.S. government is rogue. Germany has asked for physical delivery of their gold on deposit in NY. Problem is, the Fed is a "fail to deliver." This is a term used with counterfeit securities and is the guardian angel to all those nasty derivatives that have yet to unwind. Every country should follow Germany's lead before the likes of a John Corzine clone says "I don't know what happened to the gold."

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    • Should've known you were one of those who thunk 9/11 was an inside job. The Bush administration screwed up their response to Hurricane Katrina in ways no one thought possible, but they had the skillset to mastermind and fabricate an attack on U.S. soil after being in power for just 8 months? Right. And what the hell does this have to do with the NYT? This isn't a place for your delusions, go start a blog or something.

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      • If you don't know by now 911 was an inside job, you either live on Mars, have a lower IQ than Forrest Gump, or are in collusion with the 911 Neocons pulling off the crime of the century. A crime that has never had a criminal investigation. Go figure! The jigs up. The government is rogue.

      • You are a king of fallacy. An analogy to your logic goes like this. The New York Mets, never finished above 9th place in a league with ten teams, in the history of the franchise. Vegas has the team at 100:1 to win the World Series.
        Unfortunate for you and your logic, this happened in 1969.
        This rag adds nothing of value to our Republic when they are apart of the problem.
        Find those Judith "Knee-pads" Epstein-Miller's WMD's yet?

    • Who left the door open?It's loose again.Rabies!

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      • This is pretty big. The Fed gangsters in this mafia government is stiffing Germany. Hummmm. I don't think the term "conspiracy theory" is going to have any traction. What can Germany do anyway? Sue? That case would be settled long after most of these thieves are dead and the money is well laundered off shore.
        The Germans are pretty smart. Perhaps the Germans would ask the American soldiers to leave
        Germany with just the shirt on their back. When the Fed comes up with the gold, the Americans can come back and pick up their toys, maybe...

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