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  • defeatsocialism defeatsocialism Aug 3, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    Did KGB infiltrate NY Times?

    Currently reading Disinformation written by former senior Soviet intelligence officer who defected to U.S. back in the late 1970's. I've always wondered why there are so many anti American, anti Catholic, and anti Jewish stories in the media.

    Have you ever wondered why media outlets like the NY Times have been suspected of being funded by or infiltrated by anti American, pro communists? Even JFK is quoted as saying who needs spies in America when you can rely on the NY Times.

    Read Disinformation and your eyes will be opened!

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    • Since 1913, at least, the JYT News organization has been riddled with communist and pro left leaning sympathizers and scads of assorted "pinkos" ---- including, but not limited to Sulzberger, Walter Duranty, Tom Friedman, Frank Rich, William Safire, Paul Krugman, Judy Miller to name but a few ---- all Hebrews /// the JYT is joined at the hip with other communist news organizations such as Pravda and Izvestia //// :O(

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    • Nothing says "I have no grasp on current events" more than worrying about "socialism" and "Anti-Americanism" in 2013. Shouldn't you be more concerned 'bout the black guy?

    • Currently watching "The Anericans"series.
      I think it's meant to be fiction.
      Time to dig up senator McCarthy.

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      • Read Disinformation and you'll see that the Soviets had more people employed through out world spreading "disinformation" to harm America, Jews, and Catholics than they employed in their military. Ever wonder why the U.N. seems anti-American and anti-Israel? Read this book and every thing begins to make sense. McCarthy was right, which has been proven over time. The commies are every where including, in my opinion, the N.Y. Times and most universities.

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      • You have to be kidding. Clearly you have no clue what's going on around you!

        Obama won the election because every campaign speech was Romney will take away your freebies from the gov't, and the rich need to give more of their money to the poor and middle class. Every speech Romney gave was related to Americans need more jobs, and I know how to get more jobs for the poor and middle class. Americans chose welfare over work and voted for Obama - the king of socialism. For Obama every problem can be solved by more worthless gov't programs.

        I am concerned about the black guy, and believe the the break down of the black family after the Democrats passed "the great society" welfare programs back in the 1960's is probably the primary root cause for our massive deficits, high dropout rates, high crimes, and 73% of black children now born out of wedlock destined for poverty. It's a tragedy what the Democratic party has done to the back community. Obama's socialistic policies have resulted in higher unemployment and more poverty for blacks than other races since he's been elected. However, he did get a lot more of them on welfare, which is his ultimate goal.

        It's time for the black community to kick out the black Hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson, who peddle racism and victimization, and usher in real black leaders who will try to rebuild the black inner cities by focusing on wedlock and strong families, school choice, individual responsibility, and less on welfare and the anti American Democrats to take care of them. The Democrats were the primary slave owners 200 years ago. They bought them on the auction block and brought them back to their plantations, and now they buy them with welfare. Blacks are still working for the Democratic plantation owners, which can be proven by the 90% that continue to vote for Democratic plantation owners.

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