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  • badgermma666 badgermma666 Aug 21, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    So What’s to like about President Barack Obama? not a dam thing.


    So What’s to like about President Barack Obama?
    Obama has spent more in his nearly four years in office than all the previous presidents combined, adding $7 trillion to the national debt $70,060 for every American.
    Obama has given us a health care program experts claim will bankrupt this nation
    Obama has expanded benefits to illegal aliens and increased welfare rolls
    Obama would rather appear on a television talk show than meet with world leaders
    Obama doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to our enemies.

    Obama failed to take a firm stand against the Libyan insurgents who beat and murdered our ambassador in Benghazi, and it took him nearly two weeks to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack. Where is the outrage?

    Obama disrespects our military by rarely honoring our war dead.
    Obama hasn’t done much in the past four years except play golf and fly around campaigning
    Obama enjoys little or no respect from world leaders, many of whom think he is a joke not to be taken seriously
    Obama position on Israel is still unclear.
    Obama thinks he can “talk” to the powers that be in Iran and make everything better.
    Obama doesn’t seem able to speak without a teleprompter
    Obama what happened to transparency in his administration?
    Obama Real US Unemployment is still over 8 percent.
    Obama United States debt is now over $17 trillion. That is $70,160 per person in USA.
    Obama new entitlement passed that is now forecasted to cost more than $1.7 trillion during the next 10 years.
    Obama now has 46 million people receiving food stamps.
    Under Obama 4 years a decrease in the net worth of almost all Americans.
    Obama has no plan submitted to save Social Security or Medicare.
    Because of Obamacare 14 million people are projected to lose their employer-sponsored health care.
    Obama Gas prices have been sky-high under his 4 years as President.
    Obama College tuition is up over 8 percent in 2011.
    Obama Foreign policy that has created a Middle East crisis and puts the United States at risk.
    Obama $26

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