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  • obamanationbarry Sep 30, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    Confessions of a Paid Internet Moveon spammer. LOL at _ antacular- I do daily.


    Confessions of a Paid Internet Moveon spammer.
    “I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate"
    If this doesn't describe _ antacular- _ perfectly, then nothing does. This is just a small excerpt.
    "At first, like I said, my job was head moveon Yahoo Board -patrol.” This was pretty simple and repetitive; it involved countering memes and introducing new meme liberal lies, and didn’t demand much in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mostly just repetitive posting based on the dialogue pairs in the “Strat” section of the first binder. A lot of my job was de-railing and spamming threads that didn’t go our way, or making accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. Sometimes I had to simply lie and claim a poster said something or did something “in another thread” they really hadn’t said or done I felt bad about this…but in the end I felt worse about the possibility of losing the first job I’d been able to get since losing my “real” job." Now we are both on Obama Food Stamps and Welfare and life is good. Free Obama cell phone too.

    This actually describes most of the liberal lies we post here daily. It's fairly obvious that one person is responsible for at least a half dozen of these flaming liberal identities. They never make well thought out arguments or engage in actual discussion just lies or Obama talking points. They simply repeat the same memes over and over again like angry hate filled Obama does daily. Blaming Bush for his 4 years of utter failure.

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