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  • thecash thecash Jul 23, 1998 10:20 AM Flag

    recent drop

    the recent drop in price on nyt is solely the
    result of a few
    analysts. It appears that the folks
    analyzing NYT were analyzing
    other industries (shoes or
    booze) last year and now are the ever
    all knowing
    experts in the Newspaper industry. I would guess that
    they take the company hand out and put there spin on
    From their comments, they have not a clue as to what
    makes a
    Newspaper click.

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    • The NYT has performed the best it has ever this
      past year. About a year ago I obtained 100 shares at
      $43/share, then it went to $80/share a year later and split.
      This company is showing great earnings so why the 8
      point drop from its high? All I can say, if you like
      this company, this is a great opportunity to purchase
      some shares and if you already own some, buy more!
      Look for this stock to perform well in a short time.

    • For what it's worth, my broker at PaineWebber
      called me today to recommend that I buy NYT, which I
      did. This broker is also a personal friend and even
      more conservative than I am about equity investing.
      She has actually dissuaded me from buying every stock
      that I've inquired about in recent months, telling me
      that the market is overpriced and that there was
      nothing she could recommend. But today, for the first
      time ever, she called to make this buy recommendation,
      citing chiefly the fact that the NYT has gone national
      with a series of "local" editions, which means that it
      can expand its ad revenue growth nationwide and get
      different advertisers in different geographic markets,
      instead of being limited to advertisers located in the
      NYC metro area. I (never having owned newspaper
      stock) did not realize that papers really get virtually
      ALL of their revenue from advertising, and almost
      nothing from newspaper sales. She also cited the
      now-more-attractive price, the fact that aparently the NYT is
      planning some kind of internet venture, and her belief
      that it adds good diversification to a portfolio that
      does not otherwise hold any publishing stocks. Good
      luck to us all; I hope she is right. So far I've been
      very pleased with her other picks for me.

      • 2 Replies to alinejh
      • Your broker seems to really have a good "read" on the company.
        Another owner,

      • Ive subscribed to the NYT from
        philadelphia to
        houston to Boston. I have my quibbles, but alas it still
        is a treasure to read some of the articles and
        sections. PW's identifies large cap companies with name
        recognition, and deliberate strategies supported by
        demographic changes; ie these companies will grow because the
        demand will be there, not becuase people toss money at
        the stock market.

        In a time where CNN and
        Time-Warner are assailed for their truthfulness, the

        long-standing reliability of the NYT is to its benefit (except
        for ENMD coverage).
        They have overcome some union
        problems which used to mire their ability to print the
        paper outside of NY.
        They have an active web-paper.
        The news is written in college-level vocabulary
        (pardon my elitism) which is lacking and fading from
        papers throughout the country. Quality will continue to
        have value. I am not concerned with the stock value of
        NYT today, but its value 5-10 years from now.

    • We need help. Any of you folks ever hear of the
      Journal Register Corp out of Trenton? Have been aquiring
      papers all over the eastern coast from CT to Pa. Problem
      is circ gets cut in 1/2 after 6 mos. Looking into
      stock pricing, employee wages/comp time. Cut quality of
      editorial content. Don't care. Making money for Pincus
      Warburg who lost alot from Ingersoll when they went
      belly-up. We need to get exposure on Robt Jelenec, See the
      225 postings on JRC in Yahoo. Thank you.

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