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  • NOVA_7 NOVA_7 Jul 28, 1998 3:37 PM Flag

    beware of Bridgestone/Firestone Companie

    This happened to us it could happen to you.

    Dear Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.

    I am
    writing to express my dissatisfaction with your company.
    I recently bought a used van and knowing it needed
    some work chose your corporation to check it out. The
    day I bought the van I took it to the first tire
    station I came to that said full service. Where I
    requested the mechanics there to thoroughly inspect the
    vans engine and transmission and let me know what all
    it needed done. When they had me call them an hour
    later and told me all that was wrong was a head and
    that it needed a tune up. We then authorized them to
    do all that as it seemed to be a good deal. They
    then called me and told me there was a burnt valve and
    would cost and additional 275.00 more than the $800.00
    quoted. Still was OK with us to do the work. When they
    had me pick up the van Sunday I asked if all was now
    in good shape including the transmission and was
    told yes it is in good working order. We drove the van
    directly home. Then next day my husband noticed a large
    puddle of oil underneath the van. When I called the
    station I was told probably was a loose oil pan plug and
    to stop it in to a station the next day to have it
    checked. Well I had to take some things to a friend and
    wanted to get the freon charged so that day I took it to
    a local shop and they noted the lifter on the head
    was knocking and it was spraying oil. It used over
    2qts of oil in under 50 miles. The next day I took the
    van back to where it had been serviced and had to
    argue to get them to fix it. I had called the consumer
    affairs line to insure they had to stand behind their
    work and was assured this was the case. Yet at the
    Tire Station I had to argue with them over every
    little detail then was told it would be done in 2hrs. So
    when I returned in 2 hr. they hadn't even started on
    the van or moved the van inside. When I complained
    about this to them and was a bit loud the employee told
    me to quiet down and calm down I had no reason to be
    upset. This upset me further and then my friend and I
    had to argue again on why they needed to replace the
    belts including the timing belt that the oil leak they
    caused had covered in oil. They then said it would be
    another hour. When the van still wasn't done they rented
    me a rental car to be able to get myself and kids
    home in. Then when I returned the next evening to pick
    up then van they told me it was now all done right.
    I discovered that it no longer had any power once I
    got it out to the highway. As well as now they were
    saying it had a transmission shift concern when not 3
    days prior they had assured me that the transmission
    was in good shape. I also had noted that they had
    driven out over a quarter tank of gas on the van. Upon
    arriving home and after the van had been parked for over
    an hour I discovered it was still leaking oil. We
    then called the corporate office and had to argue on
    whether or not they would stand behind it again. When
    they said they would we thought that finally this was
    going to be resolved. Claims suggested we take it to a
    shop of our choosing which we did. Much to our dismay
    the shop their discovered that the van had not been
    fixed right yet nor had it been thourouly nspected as

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