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  • acebear01 acebear01 Mar 26, 2013 11:33 AM Flag


    1 Company web-site says they are a "holding compnay" with NO TANGIBLE ASSETS except profits from subsideraries. So who actally owns the ships????

    2 What I really don't like is a 1:3 reverse split in 2006. Reverse splits almost NEVER WORK to any good end. And since then....this stock has gone from the $14 dollar range DOWN to where is tis now. A Big Charts graph shows that 500 million in MONEY FLOW has GONE OUT of this company over about the last 5 years. What good reasons....if any, are there to own this apparent LOSER?

    3 The current US "philosohpy" of insane UNPLANED ECONOMY with no viable PRICE CONTROLS....POVERTY everywhere....runaway going NOWHERE. Is there ANY viable asset or stock worth owning other than physical gold or silver???

    I might own this stock if there were any reasonable answers to these questions......but I don't see any. The US stock market has been and continues to be a mis-managed load of GARBAGE run by the SEC jerks who are in bed with the WORST Captains of Corrupt Capitalism on the face of the earth.

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    • they are the owners of their fleet shortie. you name says it all. My reply earns you $3.00.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      •'re joking....right? If you were born in the weren't "born free"...."they" assigned a so-called National Debt to you the minute you were born....and required you to PAY TAXES....however unjust....until you DIE.

        As far as earning me $ that some kind of joke?

        As for "shorting" stocks.....I've never done that. Only a fool limits the upside....while unlimiting the downside. Gremany banned short sellng.....I agree with that. No one should be allowed to sell something they DON'T OWN.

    • chriszhou666 Mar 26, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

      i don't have answer for your third question, but i am trying to answer your first two questions.
      1. the subsideraries own the ships
      2. some companies recover and fly again after reverse splits, the whole sector is in a down trend from 2007 till now, money has gone out of this company and the sector. but the trend will be reversed, it is only a matter of time. if the company is still alive now-----which i think is the bottom----then it has chance to participate the uptrend later.

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      • Thanks for your response. The current investment climate....especially with what has gone down with some Chinese stocks allowed onto the US "exchanges" ...has really spaced me out.

        Not being a lawyer....when you say the "subsideraries own the ships"...does that mean they also constitute equity for common stock holders in ESEA? If so....that would mean the Book Value of over $4 is REAL.....that is my concern.

        I am leary of reverse split companies....but if that Book Value is real....I may get into this. At least they show a a dividend....and would be unlikely to go bankrupt if those ships are a real asset. The big worry then would be: a cancellation of the dividend.

        Again, thanks for your comments.

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