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  • thomasman67 thomasman67 Sep 21, 2002 10:39 AM Flag

    JUST A THOUGHT......

    You know that Fenway has a large stake in Aurora and it seem to control the board.

    Maybe it is in their interest to have all the individual share holders sell off at low prices, then they have all the control.

    Think about it. A bunch of poor bastards panic sell at low prices, then Fenway gets everything for low low prices.

    Why the hell would they invest what they did to see it go away? I don't buy it at all.

    My feeling is this thing is going to get bought out in the next year.

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    • A lot of us just got stock as a result of the settlement. If you are an investor that has moved on, you probably sold the stock ASAP. The added shares for sale drove the stock down below its recent equilibrium price. If that scenerio holds, then the $1.04 - $1.10 range seen Friday before the drop is more likely closer to the new equilibrium until something fundamental causes the price to rise or fall from there.

    • One possibility at this point is that the Board (fenway) decided to release the settlement shares and let the price crash and possibily buy back all the outstanding shares in the $.75 range and take company private. They control the shareholder vote and could arrange for a very low takeout price. I think they may be letting the stock flounder and then take the company private. Just a thought!

    • msg board of any company that is going under and they all have posters with pie in the sky outlooks. Every board has posters that say the same thing as you about panic selling and then the great bu backs. Well it just isn't so although I hope for all of aor's stock holders that it is and they make it. The bottom line is lousy products and lousy management. Before you make any more predictions look at the charts. No good CEO would touch this company because they do not want a failed company on their resume. Show me one penny stock company that has had a great CEO come in and bail it out. This whole damn post is just my opinion as a now non stock holder. Good luck, jake

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      • Jake, you are correct when you compare their product line with other options, but many areas of this country don't offer these options, or convenience dictates that they stock their freezer with the best products they can find.

        There are alot of "questionable" products on the market that do quite well...pop tarts, Eggo, DiGiorno, Hot Pockets. Even if there are better options, there's still a market out there where a well-run company could do well. I choose fresh and quality like you do, but that doesn't mean that there's not a huge segment of society out there that takes a different road.

        This company is toast (and not french toast). Previous management has ruined it. It's time to break it up...what's taking so long?

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