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  • mjake1 mjake1 Feb 18, 2000 11:27 AM Flag

    This has been so obvious for months

    Every time I blasted management alot of you said
    that it was rediculous and other things such as lazlow
    says (whatever weight he carries) and stock buybacks
    etc.. i called this along time ago and didn't take my
    own advise, maybe that's because I'm only holding 100
    shares now so no beg deal. These corupt bastards just
    piss me off. By the way no one will buy this POS
    they'll just have to try reorganization. Hope you guy's
    don't lose it all. good luck to all and we've al
    learned a lesson. Don't fall in love with your stock.

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    • I agree no one will buy the corporation - but
      there is no disputing the quality of some of its assets
      - the book value of these assets on the company's
      books is still more than $9/share, and most have brand
      names that buyers will pay more than a multiple of
      their book value.

      So don't be surprised if an
      investment bank is retained to line up asset disposals and
      then shutter the company.

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      • Be a little cautious here! Name brand and book
        value do not mean much if the company is losing money
        and has the prospect of losing more in years to come.

        If simply by buying name brand, one could form a
        successful company, more companies would be bought out. But
        at what price?

        This company looked sick
        before any of this news came out. It looks sicker now.
        Instituional holders will dump theie shares at steep discount
        to its current price.

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