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  • esty100 esty100 Mar 15, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    holywallst ---

    Did you short HUSA from $7 down?? You must be ringing in hella cash now!!!

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    • I Just started this madness. I wish I new how to short I seem to b better at picking losers than winners.

    • I'll be out tomorrow win or lose. But will see if I can get 3 or 4 % in the morning. It broke all resistance today so pray for me. Just kidding (don't bother). The devil may care. I don't. Making mistakes is part of the game.

    • What made me laugh was the guy who said the time to short this was before March 1

      i wish they knew how i daytrade. any day can be a good day to short, given you have the right trading filters and given that you get a nice toppy intraday price to short at

      of course i have no position right now, but such stocks are extremely dependable. they always give good entry points for shorting, so the price is immaterial if you have the right trading filters.

      This could open tomorrow at $10 and could make a great shorting entry pt, or it could open at $3, make a run from 930 am to 10 am from $3 to $3.50 and then give a great shorting entry pt at $3.50

      pt i am trying to make is that stock price is immaterial for a daytrading short guy like me. Once you have a dependable shorting candidate like this one, then you just need to catch those temporary tops of each day to SHORT

    • I bought HUSA at $7 around two weeks ago, once I saw it dip to $6.50.. I got out right away!

      But HUSA is looking to pullback to $5., just like HDY..both stock is going nowhere.

      Holy..I like to play short as well. A good time to short any stock is during intraday 1-2 hr prior to market closed, that's when the upside reach it's peak.

      But if you were to buy, 1-2 hr after market is opened, that's when stock reach it's low.

    • I actually had thought about buying if it hit $5, but when I look at expected revenue for HUSA, it just doesn't add up to buying this.

    • you had me at "you are fun to watch" :-)

      well, I am only daytrading this from the short side whenever i get intraday shorting opportunities, and yes, i am covering here at 5.30

      doesnt mean it wont go lower or higher, and doesnt mean i am gonna buy it and/or not short it again and/or short it again sooner rather than later. wait, i am confused myself, what did i just say. lol

    • Holy, your are fun to watch. I don't always agree, but I short about 40% of the time.

      It is tempting to buy a trashed stock, but so many people do and when they tire, the stock goes even lower. I guess that is where you are making your money.

    • Thought I recognized you from thld board. So what do you think of husa. Just bought some for a bounce. Will probably be out by tomorrow win or lose.

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