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  • digitalvideobroadcasting digitalvideobroadcasting Oct 6, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Dont kid Youserlves about Turmoiliger

    This PIG has not done much but fill his dirty pockets with shareholder cash.

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    • This PIG has not done much but fill his dirty pockets with shareholder cash.

    • digitalvideobroadcasting digitalvideobroadcasting Oct 11, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

      I have only stated the obvious which is that Turmoiliger is garbage. Afterall he is Texan.

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      • Digital, I just have to say that I disagree with your opinion of Mr. Terwilliger. I think he is a capable and seasoned oil and gas executive that took HUSA from less than $1 to almost $20 over a period of about 8 years from 2001 to 2010 and I think he can do it again, even though I have said that I think $7 a share is about the most we can hope for at this point. Sometimes companies fall on bad luck and they take a dive, sometimes a big dive. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the CEO. If anything, shouldn't he be smarter now about what to expect this time around?

        By the way, I just found out today that Mark Cuban shorted HUSA starting in 2010 when HUSA began its two year fall from grace. Mark Cuban also owned one or more of the publications that wrote derogatory articles about HUSA in 2010. I am not saying he is wrong in what he did or that the information he published was incorrect, but I did find it interesting that he would short a stock while publishing information that was bound to exacerbate the stock's fall. In any event, it is obvious that HUSA's string of dry or plugged holes was nobody's fault and is what mostly contributed to the stock's crash dive.

        Concerning Mr. Terwilliger being a Texan, I would count that as a positive, not a negative, as you suggest. After all, Texas has accounted for 30% of the nation's new jobs since the recession and slow burn economic recovery began about 5 years ago. Folks are moving to Texas for a reason, not the other way around. Plus, Houston is the energy capital of the world, so for the CEO to be a Texan would seem to be a plus. In any event, I don't know where he was actually born, but I'm proud to call Mr. Terwilliger a Texan.

        Plus, I found out today that he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1969. No doubt the army turned a teenager into a young man, as it so often does. I knew there was something I liked about Mr. Terwilliger.


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    • For those who have been here for over 1-2 years, it is easy to understand your opinion on the CEO. Of all share holders I hope there is a change of luck. It will take no less than a definitive positive news release. In the past a PR announcing the spudding of a hole would be enough to spike the price. After the spike would come another PR announcing a private placement and a subsequent price drop. I would not be surprised if we do not see much of a rise if they do announce some interim news on the Texas hole. Remember we only have a very small percentage royalty position. I can not see selling a private placement when we have such a small percentage of one well. The others recently announced will be more test wells where we have another very small percentage. Why would any one pay a lot for such a small percentage. I still see only Serrania as our only chance for rising above current levels since if we see a small return on these jr. domestic oil plays it will not be enough to overcome our operating expenses to a significant degree. I suspect TJ is engaging these domestic plays as a diversion to share holder disappointment for the failure to spud Serrania this year. The max potential on these holes will be at least a positive but they will not move the share price sig. higher. Again I see these as test wells which means the initial ones have the lowest odds of success... with each well drilled they garner valuable geological data thus improving odds. Unfortunately being a small royalty holder I suspect they will not release any info on the wells to us... that is unless they produce. We may ever get any feedback . If I were calling the shots I would just hunker down and hibernate while we wait on the Serrania. If he issues shares here it will not really add to our net asset value. I actually hope TJ knows more than me and I am totally wrong..

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      • Mac, you make some good points about HUSA and what might be to come, plus I, too, can understand how some folks do not like the CEO. However, if I didn't like the CEO of a company I probably would not stay around to complain about him and and run him down. I would find a CEO that I did like and move on to another investment to try to make my money back. Those folks that hang around and complain are wasting their time and the time of others.

        Having said that, I like our CEO, Mr. Terwilliger, I find his business background and experience fascinating, and I expect that he will bring HUSA back to profitable operations. We all make mistakes, we all have failures, some huge failures, but the true test of a man is whether he gets back up again and keeps going. Mr. Terwilliger is getting back up.

        Since I arrived earlier this year, we have analyzed HUSA up and down and from left to right, so there is no point in continuing to go over the same ground. It is all about striking oil somewhere. Hit oil and the share price will go up. Don't hit and it won't. In fact, it will probably go down if there isn't a hit sometime soon. Pretty simple. Plus, no debt. Big factor.

        That's why I have decided the HUSA 10 year rule is the way to go with this stock, at least for me. I can say what I think is likely, but I can't predict the future with any certainty, nor can anyone else on this board. But I am capable enough to analyze HUSA's history, which is so clearly laid out for us, and conclude that history is likely to repeat itself, or at least come close to it.

        So we closed at $.32 today, which is up $.10 from the $.22 at the end of 2012. This is a 45% gain so far this year. Not bad. And if we close the year at $.36, then we are talking a 63% gain. Where are you going to get a 63% gain nowadays?

        Then if we close 2014 at $.47, that is a 113% gain from 2012 and a 30% gain from 2013. Just wait, you will eventually get your $.80, in my opinion. Good luck.


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