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  • ugt_92251 ugt_92251 Mar 7, 2014 6:41 PM Flag

    Since when is a .20 cent priCe movement unusual

    There was no heads up when the shorts pounded this into grouNd where was the NYSE then?....
    Manipulation is at hand someone is fixing to lose lots of money.. And the trend is not downward.....
    Enjoy the theatrics as this unfolds he'll we even might get fools ,sa bull,the street, & even Mark buy buy buy Cramer to slobber over this move now wtg NYSE your so full of it. Unusual price movement my #$%$.
    Burn shortie burn .just waitin on the bull hedges to get this back on hire radar.. And we win. Stay long cool & strong.

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    • For someone to say a stock that opened at .38 and closed including aftermarket action at .61 is not unusual is kidding themselves. The volume was over 6mil shares on a stock that averaged around 220k and there was no news released!!!! at all !!!! That's incredibly unusual.

      That being said it may not be unwarranted. There are a ton of reasons for this stock to jump. I'll list a few off the top of my head.

      -since downsizing there staff they have 2 employees, no long term debt, and available cash on hand. Crown paper is operational and producing income. They may show a profit this quarter!!!!

      - The Iberville Parish well was a success this has already been announced construction on the production facility started in January and may well be completed. The announcement that this well is also online is due soon.

      -SEC may have officially dropped there investigation after the civil suit was already dropped. Wouldn't that be ironic if someone inside the SEC let that one out.

      -There is a well that is already drilled in OK that can be re-entered and will be with a whopping 50% WI once HUSA can secure the land lease agreements for the surrounding 400 acres.

      - Drilling in Columbia is well over due and that announcement could come at any time. Many people are waiting are that.

      - They were just upgrade on Monday to a buy rating by Thompson Reuters which published in at least 2 different publication that I am aware of.

      - They also have 8 different Domestic projects underway that could yield results at any time.

      So was the movement unusual it sure was, was it unwarranted certainly not. The question is why now. Who knew what, when and how. People just didn't suddenly see the light on this one.

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      • Great post bwojo. Due to volume being 30x the normal, this is incredibly unusual and not a pump & dump, etc. My gut feeling is that news will be release on Monday or Tuesday morning and having something to do with the drill results. This is not just one institutional investor entering either since they would have done it over time. HUSA's official response "no comment" is standard.

    • Agree! Nothing unusual here, buy buy buy baby buy ahhhhhhhh

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