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  • officeproductsxpert officeproductsxpert Dec 4, 2005 12:00 PM Flag

    Guess What????

    I know folks that work for Office Depot, OfficeMax, Corporate Express, Staples and trust me ...they all have their own issues and/or challenges. Not one is perfect and has figured it out.

    As with every company, there are happy and satisfied employees and there are the unhappy and miserable employees. The unhappy need to move on and leave the others to be productive and DON'T LOOK BACK!

    At the end of the day ...OMX, ODP, and SPLS will survive with or without any of you or I.

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    • I would like to look at an OMX reciept when one of your contract customers makes a purchase. I am sure it would be quite interesting.

    • You better keep it up to make up for the business that OMX is leaking behind. As you add one account, OMX is losing 3 accounts to others in my market.

    • OfficeMax needs to take some lessons from Office Depot. Office Depot bought (7) SEVEN large contract companies back in 1993 and successfully built a contract division (BSD) and integrated it with the existing retail. There were certainly bumps along the way, but never lost sight of the goal. Today, Office Depot is a FULLY integrated multi-channel seller of office products that provides customers a seamless buying experience whether they buy on-line, fax/phone, and retail stores. They receive the same contract price at the point of sale and walk out of the store with a receipt that reflects their company corporate pricing structure.
      Office Depot is in a season of fine tuning and reducing excess costs and their stock and performance will show it.

      You better take good care of your most valuable customers, because Office Depot will be there when you slip. I know of several large national customers that ODP has taken and/or ready to take.

    • Omx IS considered a retail company,at least when it can justify the position management wants to take at that time. I know that at the time of the merger,OMX sales(not profits) were greater than Boise Office Products.Management has stated OMX is a "retail" company since the merger whenever they have/want to reduce benefits to employees,where benefits might be typically higher in "non retail" busineses.I can't say they are wrong by lowering the benefits to be competitive to try to keep up value to stockholders,but it really hurts the employees who were used to something better.

    • >>They love me they love the company and they love their pricing.<<

      Cool, check in with us in 6-months and let us know if your customers still have the same view. ;-)

      Maybe YOU will keep OMX afloat!

    • 75k living in CA ain't nothing to be bragging about. So you are right in line with the industry standard that is happy making 40-50k a year? Not I sure would be bragging about Max/Boise world class service. Maybe true in your market, but I see the opposite in mine and the accounts seem to be easy pickins. Poor service and representation, price discrepencies and slides, and subs "of equal or greater value" all over the place. Not to mention many bad attitudes since the merger. You'd be surprised how many customers notice that......

    • great post so so true. There are various companies that do this: Staples, and CDW are the easiest to mention. they force reps to sell and holds them accountable for what they are selling. OMX does not even come close to them. Compare the financial results to Officemax, nough said.

      The problem is that the sales force is run by a bunch of corporate kissups. Why are there no outsiders in the mgmt ranks of the contract division? Start at the top and get rid of them till they produce.

    • Look at the #'s. I am not certain OMX will survive as you state.But you are correct,one person or a small group of people by themselves will not make or break a company. But on the other hand,good people leaving an organization is not a good sign either.

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      • I really hate to see all the great talent and experience leaving the office products industry. So far in my experience, Office Depot's Business Services Division has managed to keep top producers and talent through many changes. They certainly have some work to do, but the majority of senior management for BSD are veterans of the industry. I know from personal experience that they truly live their value statement as it relates to putting "people before task".

        I personally know most of the senior management and would highly recommend anyone to work with BSD.