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  • staplers101 staplers101 Oct 2, 2007 8:10 AM Flag

    Don't Write Off the Office-Supply Sector

    Well - in one sentence you told us you are a disgruntled employee and a Bush hater. (Let the retailers struggle in the meantime since that is directly fused to the US economy and the Bush recession?...... )I don't recall anything in the article discussing Bush or the economy. As a matter of fact I checked my stock portfolio last night and I seem to be at record highs not in a recession.
    And it is a minority group of stockholders that want to see the stock sold (CXP).
    So I guess that it is safe to say that you will not be placing a buy order for OMX, ODP or SPLS today or any day.

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    • Hey, you have to blame someone right?! Actually, OMX, or should I say Boise WAS a great company. I'll leave it at that. And yes, the economy has been struggling especially for the retailers. While you might be at record highs last night, the volatility of the market can come right back down next week. As for the buy order, no on OMX, maybe on ODP and probably soon for SPLS.

    • Sorry, I forgot to add CXP in the mix. I'm buying all the Corporate Express stock I can after this announcement that they are not going to be sold after all the rumors and due diligence. LOL! Although I think they've said before that they are reorganizing and positioned to take over the market. But I wouldn't exactly call 30% of the stockholders merely a minority and the pressure is going to be on more than ever to deliver. I think if you are going to buy any stock right now, Staples has to be the most logical choice and most stable company.

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      • I also think that SPLS is the best by far in this group but their growth has definitely slowed on the B to B side which has been their growth engine in the past few years. Better than the others but not as strong as the past 5 + years.
        CEXP is the one that has been giving them the most trouble lately. Then I read Balters article and it makes me pause.
        I was about to buy SPLS a short time ago at 24.50 glad I did not and I can not seem to pull the trigger now on SPLS or any other OP stock.
        I am not with Staples but I am in the industry and things just do not feel that good to me.