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  • joelmama Sep 9, 2008 2:37 PM Flag

    Looking Good...

    I leveraged gains after last weeks unemployment announcement to buy 2000 more shares at $12.32. Average price for the 12000 shares I now own is $11.35. Current price is over $14 which means over $31,800 in profit so far. I predict $18 by end of year and continued gain in 09.

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    • Oh, for the good old days on this board. Where is the discussion of Beer, Bears, and Chili. I wouldn't mind following some REAL insight on OMX and the industry for a change. Bring back Slim!!!

      Just been lurking since my tenure at Shaker Hgts.(Old Office Max) ended many a year ago.

      Lets get back to some good dialogue about investing rather that all the Bull S###.

    • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth of yours? If you were my punk kid, I'd wash your mouth out with soap.

      Once again joelmama, you are wrong. While '08 is winding down, so is OMX. Looks like you are losing big time on this stock, just like many have said you would.Let's go back to one of your previous posts:

      "I leveraged gains after last weeks unemployment announcement to buy 2000 more shares at $12.32. Average price for the 12000 shares I now own is $11.35. Current price is over $14 which means over $31,800 in profit so far. I predict $18 by end of year and continued gain in 09."

      Current price is what again? A 52 wk low of $8.06? Doesn't seem like a whole lot of profit, about a 40k loss really. Predictions of $18 by the end of the year, huh? I hope you make better plays on other stocks than you do with this one.

      Maybe you should listen to some others in the know about this struggling company instead of making attacks and proving everybody right about what a fool you are. Please retreat to your trailer, nobody is interested in your gibberish here.

    • joelmama Oct 1, 2008 9:47 PM Flag

      Who needs class? What has class ever produced? I sit in my trailer, in my underware and pick stocks for a living. For fun, I go to honky tonk bars and fight and drink until I pass out. Life is good here, so worry about yourself and you own class.

      By the way, I think "omxveteran" and nomo are the same person. Nomo needs a new logon as 2008 is winding down and OMX is still here. What a loser...

    • You should've saved some of that money to buy some class.

    • joelmama Sep 30, 2008 7:35 PM Flag

      Hey NoMo,

      I bought another 5000 shares today at $8.23. Anything over $13 and I win.

      Watch and learn you stupid POS.

    • Another great call boy wonder joelmama. Like I said, keep pumping this POS.

    • Actually Joel Maama, it was YOU that stated in your post on Sep 2: "I refuse to respond to their usless, childish banter anymore." We were hoping you'd be gone but now you're back with more fantasies. First it was your hater posts toward your management and sales, then your fantasy about Lyreco, then you touted $28 by next year, and now that you've lost "thousands" on your supposed "investment" in OMX you're hoping for $16.

      Then you go on calling us "stupid" and telling us that you're graciously trying to "help" us understand OMX. Instead of insulting everyone, you may want to listen to some of the folks like NoMoMax, Dakhra, and Maxstarfield. There's some folks out there who have been intimately familiar with the OP industry since you were peeing your diapers. You bash these people as you wave your "investing 101" wand but you just might realize that these folks on the inside of the industry have some valuable insight as to what's going on. Lot's more than you do at your little OMX retail store there in Denver.

      $9 is not the bottom. Officemax is at a 26 YEAR low and soaring down into oblivion. National Retail Federation predicts Q4 as the worst retail holiday season in years. Great advice Joel Maama. Buy into a distant third place "also ran" company in an over saturated OP market on the cusp of a terrible retail outlook. You're a frickin genius huh?

      Look for a single digit close soon, dead cat bounce and then back down the chute. This goose is cooked. there's no room in OP for a mismanaged third place loser. If you've got the stock, sell now and cut your losses. If you work there (Joel) get your resume polished and get out. House of cards is coming down fast!


      "The outlook for the holiday 2008 shopping season due out Tuesday from the National Retail Federation is not much to cheer about.

      In fact, the trade group doesn't foresee a turnaround until the second half of 2009 as the financial industry crisis continues to "chip away at consumer confidence."

      The Washington-based trade group expects retail sales for November and December to rise 2.2 percent, to $470.4 billion, half the average increase of 4.4 percent for those months the last decade and the slowest growth rate since 2002, when sales rose 1.2 percent.

      "We expect consumers to be frugal this season and less willing to splurge on discretionary items," said Rosalind Wells, the federation's chief economist.

      The federation, which represents retailers from department stores to discounters to online merchants, typically issues one of the more rosy forecasts for holiday sales.

      In 2007, the trade group's predicted 4.0 percent sales gain was well off the 2.4 percent rise. Likewise, its 2006 forecast of a 5.0 percent gain exceeded the 3.7 percent increase.

      Holiday sales are significant because they typically account for about 20 percent of the retail industry's annual revenue, but that percentage has been shrinking in recent years.

      Holiday sales in 2007 slipped to 18.75 percent of annual retail sales from 20.26 percent in 1998.

      Chaos on Wall Street along with the housing crisis, tighter credit and soaring food and gas prices are curbing consumers' appetite for shopping."

    • By your own rationalized calculations you have lost over $40K on this stock since your original post. I can see how you might convince yourself that holding on is a good thing or that the current economic crisis is the only reason for this stocks performance. Wake up your alarm is going off. This stocks woes are built on poor management and execution not because everyone else is down. If staples were selling at $10 I would be screaming buy buy buy right along with you but can't join your chorus. Good luck, hope you have more stable investments to offset the losses you will continue to take on this one.

    • joelmama Sep 23, 2008 4:51 PM Flag

      Yeah, really... I knew it was over priced at 50. I'm so glad I waited until now to buy in. This is as close as we'll get to a sure thing. This stock will gradually but continually rise from here. Get it while it is hot baby!

    • joelmama Sep 23, 2008 1:26 PM Flag

      Didn't you say I was being too ignorant for you to waste your time responding to? What happened? Are you a fool and a liar too?

      As I said before, I am sorry that you chose to invest when this stock was inflated, but your stupidity has nothing to do with the potential of this stock at it's current value.

      Remember stock rule #1? Buy low, sell high? I'm sorry you reversed it. Get over it. I am trying to help you, but you have to make the move. If you had an ounce of intestinal fortitude or common sense, you'd buy now while it is at the bottom and try to recoup your losses.

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