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  • joelmama Sep 10, 2009 10:06 PM Flag

    You're welcome!

    For all the knuckleheads who took my advice and bought in at $3.50, you're welcome. I purchased large blocks at 3.5 and 3.8 and am reaping the rewards now. I stand by my prediction that this stock will hit 14 by year end, so for all the gun-shy nonbelievers out there, you still have time to get some. This stock continues to climb exponentially over its competitors Stale (Staples) and Dead (Depot). The OMX management team is so far ahead of Stale and Dead in new and inovative ways to cut cost and attract new customers that it is becoming unfair and finally wall street agrees. Jump on this love train now and get yours!

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    • any other recomendations?

    • I would hardly call .59 to $7.20 lagging behind OMX. As far as new innovation and great leadership....go into a store near you.

    • Just sold all @ $14.10

    • Whoa.. $14 avg. is not bad. I'm trading the dips and not doing too bad. I bought at $12.50 today.. a new first position on re-entry. My target now is $13.40

    • joelmama Sep 29, 2009 10:35 PM Flag

      Who cares about service in the sstores? We're here to make money, right?

      Check this out

      52wk Range: 1.86 - 13.92

      What side of this were you on? That's all that matters, but for me personally, I'm getting off of OMX for now. I see it sticking around 14 for the next 3 quarters.

      Good luck to the rest of you!

    • Yeah. OMX has a great management team alright. I just experienced their brand of management in their store in Crestwood, Missouri.

      I wanted to place an order for some items they didn't carry in the store. I stood at the empty "customer service" counter for a while until a checker asked if I needed help. He referred me to an associate who was standing about 20 feet away looking at me, but doing nothing.

      When I told him I wanted to place an order he told me I could look the item up in the catalog if I wanted, but of course there were no catalogs to be found.

      When I commented on the lack of "customer service" his reply was that "there used to be 35 people working in this store, and now there are only 7". He made no further effort to help me, so I said "don't trouble yourself, I'll order from an online office supply store", and I left the store. I'll never shop at Office Max again.

      All I can say is that if this guy was still employed at OMX after a big staff cutback, the people who got let go must have been absolute slugs.

      BTW, I got what I wanted at The savings on sales tax just about covered the shipping. The best part is that I didn't have to deal with a worthless OMX employee.


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      • It always cracks me up when people judge a nation wide retailer by one experience in one store. Every single retailer gets a bad apple once in a while or has a few people call out sick one day causing a temporary lack or coverage.

        Although it is pitiful that they did not have catalogs or quick service I think you are being overly critical judging the entire organization based on that single experience with one of their 33,000+ employees in one of their 1,000+ stores.

    • Your favorite stock that has been downgraded today certainly knows how to cut costs. I am confused about the attract new customers part. What new customers???