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  • one_dogydog one_dogydog Dec 18, 2011 6:57 PM Flag

    OMX stock lost %78 year to date .

    Will the CEO pay will be cut by %78 same like the stock decline?????

    OMX needs a new CEO who will bring it back to what it used to be.

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    • For those of you who don't understand what the Occupy movement is all about, this is it. The CEO continues to make millions in bonuses despite stock dropping by 78%. Bonus for what? Stores closing, payroll cut, benefits slashed, jobs eliminated. I guess this is how CEO's are evaluated these days. If you don't know how to grow the business, cut, cut, cut. Republicans call it trickle down economics, but all that trickles down is bad news for the middle class.

      Here's my idea to add jobs and stimulate the economy. Replace all high level executives with monkeys at companies where stock has declined 20% or more in any 12 month period and divert their salaries into positions that can grow the business. Result? Stock increases as sales increase and as sales increase more postiions are added. It's a pretty simple formula that requires a change in mindset that throwing more money at the top will produce positive results. Who would dare to think that replacing executives with monkeys would add jobs and grow the economy? I would. Obviously throwing more money at the executives is not the answer. Just ask thow who have lost 78% of their value in this stock.