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  • one_dogydog one_dogydog Jan 6, 2012 10:03 PM Flag

    Why is it that office Max stock is bleeding???

    Todady the Economy added 200.000 more jiobs Staples was Up and Depot was even but the stupid OMX was down %7??
    is it a market manipulation or what and who is making money shorting office Max every day ???
    It is P.S . Who is behind the stock control ??? where is the SEC??? Where is oMX investors where is the Pain?
    OMX lost almost %80 of its value since 2011. good Job RAVI Great Job

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    • OMX is too top heay, too many over paid executives and VP's that add nothing to the selling process and suck up way too much salary and compensation. To compensate, they must inflate costs which leads to inflated pricing. The problem is everyone is looking at pricing so they are losing sales as a result of the higher pricing necessary to compensate the executives. Ravi is one of the over compensated executives and all of the executives and VP's are in cahoots to protect each other. You'd think in this market they would be reducing the executive overhead and beefing up the sales, but they never, ever, ever will. That is why this company is in a constant state of turaround with revolving door exective leaders who are in it for the short term to pull out the money and benefits and retire comfortably on it. This is also why the stock will never see it's potential. The board turns a blind eye to all of this because they are in on the game too. It is sad, but this is exactly why the working 99% are upset on how these clowns are allowed to ruin companies for their own personal gain.