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  • bicyclist_jim bicyclist_jim Jan 11, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    cramer has it wrong odp wont buy omx, omx will buy odp with their cash from boise ipo

    Why would OMX want to buy ODP? That is, why would they want to buy duplicative DCs, Retail stores, merchandising organizations and shared service organizations? OMX and ODP are essentially completely duplicate of one another.

    A smarter move for OMX is to use the cash from Boise IPO to whether the economy (unlike ODP will be able to do) and then pickup select pieces of ODP when it goes into receivership (e.g., buying customer lists, select hard assets, etc.).

    As for ODP buying OMX, they can't run their company at it's current size, why would it better for them to run a company twice the size? Rewarding incompetent leadership like that only happens in government positions.