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  • sidibid1 sidibid1 Feb 7, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Bear Raid

    Apparently multiple people are attempting to make money by publishing a bunch of negative analyses, and thereby induce weak stock holders to sell. It is amazing that Forbes, Yahoo, Motley Fool and SeekingAlpha allow such manipulation, especially when it is all being based on faulty information.

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    • That's been going on forever, and it will never change. A typical small investor is basically just gambling away his money in the stock market as the dealers are all crooked.

      When a few who lose everything start taking out some of the big guys in the "too big to fail" category, maybe it will get someone's attention. If I lost everything I had and the CEOs and other bigwigs in a company were making out like bandits, I would make sure they never spent their money. Of course I would get thrown into prison. But at least I would have a roof over my head and a few of the ***holes would be gone. Always look on the bright side. ;)

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