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  • wisdom_watcher wisdom_watcher Jan 23, 1998 8:15 PM Flag

    This Posting Is Very Sincere News Of A D


    The stock known as LOCK is moving up very nicely, now that all patents and financing are firmly in place and the manufacturing, sales, and promotion have begun in earnest.

    But before considering it go and read the important "news" as to why it is on the move, and why President Clinton and much of our nation's national law enforcement establishment are excited about this very new and unique gun safety equipment.

    This is a very useful new safety product that we the people of our violent world would be wise to see added to the various items that are available for handguns. So whether I happen to personally win or lose money with this stock, the bottom line is that I strongly believe in the product itself and very much want the company to succeed.

    Make sure you also do all of the wise and routine things like reading the S.E.C. material, all of the financial details and history, and so on!

    Whether you buy in or don't buy in, after careful consideration and evaluation, which, as you know, also includes your hunches and gut feelings, it might be worthwhile to at least keep your eye on this one for a while, as it is now in its very critical startup and launching phase. This humble position is where most new companies and useful products begin, since only a relatively few begin at the super-duper mega-bucks and mega-organizational levels.

    I want you to honestly know that I am not a broker nor do I work for the company, or want to. I also am not invested in this for the "short" haul.

    After getting out after losing $2,910 back in October with this stock, I bought 3,600 shares on tuesday, January 20th, for 2 13/16 ($2.8125). This was about an hour after I saw the mid-day news release, which announced that they have made their first sales to the law enforcement community and things in general were beginning to heat up.

    I could have gotten in cheaper, as the stock was sitting just over 2 1/2 at the moment of the press release, but I watched in frustration as it steadily moved up because I had to sell something else first. When I finally did I then simply bought in at the "market" price because it was still steadily moving up and setting any "limit" order, hoping that it might drop down a little just for me, seemed unwise and useless.

    I hope this posting was at least informative enough for you in two ways: to either check this stock out or to simply ignore it. Good luck to you and anyone else who may decide to jump in somewhere along the way. Sincerely.