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  • mujerchilena_98 mujerchilena_98 Oct 31, 1998 5:03 PM Flag

    HELP...BOISE CASCADE wants to take our f

    Boise cascade Corporation and their chilean
    partner Italo Zunino want to instal in Chile's Lake
    District the biggest OSB and wood chip processing plant in
    the wold soon.
    The Lake District is based mainly
    on tourism and salmon farming. We have many lakes
    and rivers that depend directly on the Native forests
    that we have. This Cascada Chile Proyect want to cut

    5,000 hectars of native wood per year to sustain their

    manufacturing plant. There are people form our actual
    government involved in this proyect, going from our former
    chilean President Patricio Aylwin to our actual Chilean
    President Eduardo Frei who's closest buddy is Italo Zunino,
    the Chilean partner of Boise Cascade Corp.
    Cascada Chile Proyect is going to give 200 direct jobs in
    the plant and 1,500 to 2,000 indirect jobs to the
    people that will provide the wood they need. Only in the
    tourism business in this region there are 50.000 people
    related to it.
    So my question is simple...What is
    going to happen to us and our families in the near
    future when the trees are not going to be there anymore?
    Who is going to come here to visit a bare
    region?...What about the quality of the water of our many lakes
    and rivers? Who's going to assume the responsability
    when the climate and erosion will change this region?
    What will we say to our children?
    They deserve a

    Please help us.


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    • I don't like Boise Cascade either, but you had
      better get your facts correct about OSB mills. These
      mills are non-polluting and are situated around
      numerous enviromentally sensitive sites around the world
      already, with no ill effects. Also, mills in N.A. have
      also worked well in conjunction with tourism as these
      mills do not spew out plumes of smoke or liquid
      effluent like a pulp mill. Also, trees to be used in this
      mill are decayed native species that currently do not
      have any economic use. Also, the region X has a
      problem of overuse of firewood. If you are concerned
      about air quality and forest elimination, you should
      focus on reduction in firewood as a heating source, and
      look for safer and cleaner alternatives. It must also
      be noted that N.A. companies that develop mills
      offshore and sell the final product back into the U.S.
      must abide by EPA guidelines, which I must say are
      tough. Two things are guaranteed from this mill: one, is
      new high quality jobs, and two, the degraded forests
      will be harvested and trees will be replanted, and the
      cycle will continue(this is happening worldwide, so
      either get on the bus or go for a walk)
      As for the
      port, look at coastal communities in N.A.and the amount
      of fish farms that are along side or near major
      ports. These fish farms thrive, so again either push
      Chile into a backwater again or have it move forward to
      the 21st century.
      I say all of this irrespective
      of the fact that Boise is an arrogant, bureaucratic
      company, but it does know how to run a mill that is
      environmentally sound.