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  • N46MIM64N N46MIM64N Apr 19, 1999 1:15 PM Flag

    BCC on W&L on CNBC

    Joe Kernen, during his Winners & Losers segment,
    discussed BCC, LLY, PFE, MRK, SEPR, IBM, AA, EK, LXK, and
    ZD. A synopsis of his segment is linked to the CNBC
    Specials (April) table at

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    • Check out the company called U.S. Funding. I
      invested in their private offering for Emsanet � A new
      Internet service provider. When I called U.S. Funding they
      told me that Emsanet should be a profitable investment
      because they only charge $12 a month for service, have
      zero debt, plan to be profitable before they go public
      & plans to pay dividends before they go public.
      They are selling 1,000,000 shares at $3.50 a share
      with a minimum investment of $3,500. The company plans
      to go public at the beginning of 2000 at around $20
      a share. You can contact them by calling toll free
      (888) 999-8068 or e-mail them at Leave your daytime phone number.

    • Temple-Inland as well. They have offered me a total of $325. I have over $8,000 worth of damage to be repaired. And they won't send me a copy of the warranty.

    • ip has already begun to slide down to fill it's
      gap in the low forties. Bcc's stochastics and moving
      averages suggest the same. The stock has made a nice gap
      in the 32 area and needs to go fill it before it can
      go charts on ip and bcc and you'll
      see what im talking about.

    • I admire the humor in your last two messages.
      Don't get to cocky by exposing dtmck 99's ignorance. It
      doesn't take a rocket scientist to flush out a fraud. I
      would like to get serious for a minute and ask you a
      question. I take investing in takeover stocks seriously. I
      have made money and I have lost money. The leverage is
      incredible. Question to you. Have you not been privy to the
      rumors (for lack of arguement) inside the walls of your
      company regarding a takeover of BCC in March/April? I do
      not ask this question because I want inside
      information, I happen to know that there were negotiations and
      wondered if they spread to the grunt level. BCC has
      constantly been through the rumor mill, but when due
      diligence begins it is hard for a company to keep a secret.
      I am the first to acknowledge that my timing was
      wrong, but I refuse to concede that talks were not in
      progress. Do you agree, disagree,or simply don't care that
      something was going on during this time frame.

    • For those of you having problems with Boise
      Cascade's siding, check out these sites. Also,
      your problems with your State Attorney General's
      office. They would be very
      interested in Boise
      Cascade's behavior, and how they are not honoring AND have
      no intention
      honoring their 25-year
      warranty (so it appears). One homeowner reported that
      Boise Cascade
      denied their claim without ever
      coming out and taking a look at the house.

      Sources (conversations) on the Internet
      reveal that current and past personnel within Boise

      Cascade can confirm that Boise Cascade knew about the
      inherent problems of their composite

      Most likely it's just a matter of time before
      they will have to pay the price of fraud!

    • I thought bccgrunt removed all doubt about where
      I work...
      You sure are quick....

      Hardly....Hell, just proud to have a good job...I prostitute
      myself for money...pretty much like everyone

      What do you do for a living--I mean, I can tell what
      you do for fun, you witty thing....But, if cruising
      this board is a major research event in your financial may need to get used to the taste of

      I may be wrong, but I recall you and some other
      expert debating, praying for, and touting knowledge of
      impending merger...If you think you'll find an inside
      source on this board, you needn't worry about the stock
      market pulling the rug out from under your've already slipped on your own ignorance and fell on
      your ego.

    • If there were any doubts that you worked for
      Boise Cascade before ,they have all been resolved. The
      fact that you intend to nibble on dog food during your
      retirement only proves! that you are truly a BCC
      Sorry to say I'll miss those Kibbles & Bits dinners
      myself. Unless of course the stock market pulls the rug
      from underneath in my later years. Keep feeding those

    • Hey,

      "He did it"
      "Did not"
      "Did not"
      "Did too"
      "Did not"
      "Did not"
      "Did too"
      "Did not"
      "Did not"

      Does this sound familiar,,,I'd rather
      listen to the "tf2" "y2k" siding senility....Why don't
      you guys exchange phone #s, set up a meeting, kiss
      and make up or fight...

      I've been reading this
      board for only a few months and have learned that

      * You can say anything, no matter how stupid, and
      some silly bastard will think you are in the

      * Everyone that participates in this board has a
      good day job, and that job is probably not in any
      finance related field.

      * Not one of us has ever
      golfed with a CEO, COB, or CFO...

      * Most of us
      read MAD Magazine, Playboy, and then Money or the

      * When we retire, our major concern will not be the
      cost of a house overlooking the beach at Maui, but
      rather the percent chance that we will have to eat
      Ken-L-Ration at some time during our retired

      Why don't we take the crap to the WLL or W board
      (very boring) and talk about a
      BCC/Disney/Microsoft/GP/W/WLL merger.

      Love y'all.

    • Just for your info .... Denial is not a river in
      Egypt. You made an outlandish statement and were called
      on it. That's the facts ... nothing more. If you
      wish others to leave you alone be more cautious with
      your statements.

    • FYI, the world is not at peace. NATO is at war
      with a country called Yugoslavia. The dispute involves
      a province called Kosovo. You can learn more on
      this subject by watching the news or investing in a
      newspaper. Also, the rain forest in in grave danger of
      becoming extinct.

      Heed your own advice. Give it a
      rest you miserable bastard!! Time is on my side. Do
      you not agree that your constant ridicule and insults
      are getting a little old? The last thing I want to do
      is read another meaningless message that offers no
      substance to the original subject matter. I simply stated
      the facts. Should I apologize that BCC has risen 22%?
      Had you invested your own money I'm sure you would be
      quite happy.

      The only thing I would like to take
      credit for is exposing what a fool you really are and
      look forward to the day your mindless messages cease
      to appear on this board.

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