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Dave & Buster's, Inc. (DAB) Message Board

  • dundarra dundarra Apr 15, 1999 12:56 PM Flag

    what can make this stock go up?

    I've owned this one for 3 1/2 years, and I admit
    I'm losing confidence.

    Dynamite couldn't move
    this stock. I'm completely bewildered. Company is
    doing great, they're executing their game plan
    flawlessly, sales soar, profits soar, analysts love them,
    customers love them, stock goes nowhere. 27 (which it hit
    nearly 2 years ago) seems like an impossible

    I've kept adding to my position as the stock
    incredibly stayed down and now have a very large position. I
    keep thinking as earnings increase, the stock must go
    up. Otherwise, an already ridiculously low PE will
    become unfathomably low.

    But so far I've been
    dead wrong. Is it time to punt?

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    • Hey people, if we are right and the numbers are
      going to keep going up (ie, earnings) and the company
      stays healthy, I would rather the price stay where it
      is! Yes, I would welcome it going lower!

      Because I am still buying. If the earnings keep growing,
      the stock will catch up some day. If we are wrong,
      then it won't because it was wrong to begin

      I recommend people invest, not gamble. As such, I
      think D&B is going to keep going up in the future, and
      I would like to delay it as long as


    • I clicked Yahoo's 5-year DANB price chart, and it
      indicates that in January and April of 1997 the stock was
      somewhere around $13.50. Below the chart it says the stock
      split in September, 1997. So that $13.50 was really
      $27, the price you mentioned, before the split.

      The chart shows the stock rising from $13.50
      (adjusted for the split) in 1st quarter '97 to $20.50
      today, which is a 51% increase in the last 2

      Am I on the right track here? Just curious.

    • I think the stock will start to take off in May. This is what it did 2 years ago when I was in from April to September for a 50% gain. Lower now than when I sold.