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  • bartender_Jack_McGee bartender_Jack_McGee Aug 26, 1999 9:45 PM Flag

    15 is the bottom, DAB is still making

    bunched to close together.Canibalism. While in certain
    places(east coast) not nearly enough.

    parties as well as others are a lot of fun at D&B's.

    Need to change games. But comparing planet hollywood
    to D&B's is like comparing the Opera to Disneyland.

    I went to a Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock, Rainforest
    once. I go to D&B's quite often.

    $15 is the
    bottom. Food is not that great, but cheap. Service
    stinks. I think a big mistake is cover charges. They
    gotta stop that. Also, maybe at the MEGA locations they
    could have bands on Friday and Saturday.

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    • accomplished.

      • 2 Replies to bartender_Jack_McGee
      • Next the analysts will all start downgrading . .
        . . boom, boom, boom, boom. The stock will take a
        hit on each downgrade. If we're lucky, 3 or 4 will do
        it all at once tomorrow or the next day and get it
        over with.

        I am stunned at how the earnings can
        go to hell so fast. There's no guarantee things will
        be back on track in the 4th quarter -- this could
        continue (I'd guess only 20% chance, though, because they
        will definitely take corrective action). If the
        earnings don't bounce back, the expansion plans will be
        the next thing to be scaled down, which will further
        deflate whatever's left of the P/E after tomorrow's


      • I agree with Jack: congrats on your newfound
        wealth. I think 12 or 13 is a distinct possibility
        tomorrow. They didn't just miss the estimates, they weren't
        even in the same ballpark.

        I've kind of had it
        with this stock. If I can get out with minimal losses
        (price over 16), I think it might be time to go. There's
        going to be nothing here for a long time after this

        However, those who remained loyal to Best Buy in its
        darkest days have been well rewarded. Good luck to all.