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Dave & Buster's, Inc. (DAB) Message Board

  • sat_investor sat_investor Sep 1, 1999 2:21 PM Flag

    We'll see

    Don't say you weren't warned. You don't have all the facts about this company.

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    • I was in a hurry. See ya soon

    • They are happy in their ignorance. Let them believe D & B is a theme restaurant. They will only believe when they read it in the paper, because they know everything in the paper is true.

    • if anything it is a interactive

      Don't try and take advantage of the naive like the
      gentleman from Utah.
      IT is not a theme restaurant.
      guess video games, and pool with a restaurant is a
      theme? Tell to the pool hall.

      D&B's is the first
      of its type just like Outback Steakhouse & Chilis.

    • I know a lot about the restaurant business, and
      the "themed" restaurant business in general.
      Considering D&B's "theme" and its clientele base, I stand by
      my statement that the weather was a very weak
      excuse. There had to be other problems...

    • Thanks for your input and I think you have some
      very valid points. If you are not familiar with
      restaurant operations I would invite you to read the Motley
      Fool article for Aug 27. I know there are certain
      times restaurants do well and times when their sales
      are lean. In a down economy, sales are up, during
      incliment weather, sales are up, when disasters strike,
      sales are up. During the summer season, restaurants as
      a whole experience a downward trend in sales. I
      believe this is a good stock which has real potential,
      however we all realize the numbers have been missed.
      There is no reason to throw out the baby with the bath
      water. I have never visited one of their locations so I
      can't comment on their service or food, I can only go
      by what posters have said and they are positive. I
      do know this with each location doing on an average
      of almost $1M per month in business they are doing
      something right. True, we have not seen the jump we wanted,
      but it will recover. Thanks...GOD Bless

    • Funny, people were saying exactly the same thing yesterday about today.

    • You said "D&B's stock did the SAME thing last
      Gee, wasn't that in October when PRACTICALLY EVERY
      Sorry Jack. This ain't the same.

    • They blame slow sales on the weather? My 18 year
      old son says "dad, I'm not going to D&B's tonight
      because it's too nice. I think I'll just hang out in the
      front yard tonight."
      They have been around since
      1981 and only have about twenty locations. If this was
      such an explosive concept I gaurantee they would have
      built a lot more than 20 locations in 18 years. I live
      in DFW where they started and have seen it all.

    • I believe that DAB is undervalued at the current
      price. I am going to be buying as much as I can on every
      dip, because the next quarter should be a good one. I
      am betting my money that we will see $20 before
      January 2000.
      Good Luck to DAB Longs. If you are short
      DAB, you had better cover soon. IMHO!

    • Been to DAB once in St. Louis...have a very small
      amount stock...want to get enthused about long term
      growth and buy some


      1. Have some contests for prizes...e.g. every
      Thursday have a
      contest on one of the machines...give
      the high score a
      card for free games or a free

      2. Have a pool exhibition/tourney...get some young
      quality pool players from around the area in
      there on
      Sat. afternoons. Maybe pay a shark and say
      that anyone
      who beats him/her gets a free

      3. Get those electronic trivia games in all the bars
      game areas...I mean the kind so that you can
      against others...I could really see people
      from all
      locations competing against one

      Just some ideas....any comments...I've got some more

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