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  • checkbouncer checkbouncer Sep 15, 1999 10:31 PM Flag

    Atlanta # 2 _ bottom line

    shows up stoned
    with various
    body piercings, the manager says
    "good to see you, thanks
    for coming today"
    Remember also the restaurant business
    is a breeding
    ground for substance abuse/cash theft. If you do not
    believe it, reference Tues 09-14 WSJ front page labor

    column towards the bottom. That is why in good
    customers come in for the one experience and then
    thrill or curiosity wanes. When times turn
    bad, the
    corporate parties dry up. So whatever
    the climate,
    restaurant stocks never win. DAB
    grows sales by opening
    new stores, NOT by same
    store repeat business ! !
    Wake up folks ..... costs
    go up at existing stores
    while sales level off.
    so restaurant investors lose
    except for the
    bartenders skimming cash.

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    • Not trying to attack you personally,
      checkbouncer, but your msg fm this evening has got to be one of
      the strangest arguments I've ever heard. I've read it
      2x and still am not sure if I understand your
      argument. All restaurants lose money regardless of the
      economic climate? The only people making money are the
      bartenders who all skim cash?? Hmm. Not sure I can agree
      with that at all. If everyone loses money, why do so
      many people continue to open restaurants??? In the
      1990's, I think there's more of a time-cruched-lifestyle
      than ever, and I know less and less people who

      DAB serves good food, and people eat there more than
      just once (I doubt the "thrill or curiosity" of a good
      dinner "wanes"). Why don't you visit a few DAB's and see
      what you think in person? I think you'll walk out of
      there with a different mind-set.

      Sharp High
      Heels: regarding your question the other night on
      assets. The company is required to list them at the
      purchase price -- they can't put a new value on the land.
      They're not trying to sandbag, or deceive shareholders.
      It's just that historical costs are objective, and
      current market price is VERY subjective - would lead to a
      lot of manipulation and bad stuff since mgmt always
      wants to present the "best side" to the public and the
      shareholders (not that I blame them).

      DAB is fine -
      hang tight and don't sell your shares at these grossly
      undervalued prices.