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  • f_bird55 f_bird55 Nov 9, 2011 11:22 AM Flag

    TMO broke up twenty years ago

    I worked for the original TMO starting in 1971. On and off under different spin-outs (not offs) until 2005. You know anything about the companies, or simply disappointed that the current returns and management aren't anything what they were during the Greek years? Check out (plot if you can) mid-August and late October of this year( against BAC, GE, C, MS, GS for starters). Them plot against long term (that period). Similarities, yes or no. Can anyone provide compelling discussion on why those two most recent (but of many) tipping points are significant? I can, but what are they and why?
    f_bird55 , also to be found on BAC.

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    • From the Greek years.

      Saw the article in Barrons. Thermo stocks didn't pay dividends during those years and don't think they bought back their own shares - so this version seems more shareholder friendly. The brothers do have a listed company, the old tecogen in a new format.

    • 1971 was 40 yrs ago. That means you started working for them when you were 16? Something is awry.

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      • Good you can do the math. My first three summer jobs were with TE Instruments. I left because they paid poorly for my talents. My last was working on the Improvised Explosive Task Force for Coleman/L3 in 2006. In between, for many years I also helped a TMO start-up in export compliance; later war-machines. If you are hiring, I am more or less willing to hear you out. Today's TMO is not your grandmother's Oldsmobile, but it is close.

      • I know F_Bird and can vouch for this story. His profile age and claimed date of employment are correct. Hint: someone in his family used to be a wheel there. So what do you know? (Seriously, what DO you know?). In case you doubt MY story, Torinos and Montegos and long-haul Ford semi-tractors with experimental Rankine-cycle engines were often seen in the back lot behind corporate headquarters in '71.

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