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  • sonesq sonesq Oct 27, 1998 4:31 PM Flag

    Long and Short... thanks!

    Ahhhhh, I've always thought this was called "options" but I guess that's what it's called to the person selling their stocks to a "short" person..... Thanks again.


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    • yeah check out great consulting and free newsletters also check out instead of stocks they invest in you. Take a long position on yourself.

    • Hello stockman:
      I am new to this msg brd;
      usted to sell stuff (series 6); Old addage: price
      average still holds; bought and sold stuff; Oct 86 came;
      lost some but held; made some; lost more; made it up.
      Unless you can flush it down the toilet, ride it

    • Don't think 31 days is enought. TMO is STILL
      reorganizing. Bought
      TopoMetrix (but Topo sold license to
      all products to another company- thats why Tho is now
      on Board of Directors ??). Still
      have great
      products. Wait until reorg is in place. I should have
      bought at 13 but waited. Oh Well -

    • If you don't believe TMO can recover in a
      reasonable time frame then you ought to sell it and move on.
      But if you want to wait it out and still take the
      loss for tax purposes, then double up on your
      position, wait 31 days, then sell the original lot. I did
      that. It's too late to do it for 1998, however. You
      could, of course, sell now and re-purchase in 31 days.
      But the odds are that TMO will be higher 31 days from
      now as tax loss selling subsides.

    • Thanks
      the main reason for selling now would
      be to free up cash to purchase something else that i
      think is going to scream soon. then again it may crash
      and burn.
      thanks for the advice i will take it
      into consideration.

    • One reason that companies like Thermo Electron,
      which are down for the year, have not participated in
      the recent rally is that many people have already
      begun selling to get the tax loss. In my experience,
      this is a foolish practice. If you must sell, avoid
      the crowds and wait until early next year. You won't
      get the "immediate gratification" of a tax deduction
      on your 1998 taxes, but you will probably get enough
      more for the stock to make up for it, and you will
      eventually get the tax benefit for 1999, if you can be
      patient. For that matter, if you could be even more
      patient, you won't have any loss at all.

      Go and
      do what you must do, but in my somewhat-humble
      opinion, this will be seen as a particularly foolish time
      to be getting out of TMO.

    • The last couple of years TMO has had a price run up in December.

    • With TMO down recently I notice not much talk on
      this board.
      Does anyone have anything insightfull,
      happy, thought provoking, or anything at all to share
      about the short term outlook for our TMO shares.

      Thinking of taking the loss

    • I heard on the news (public radio) tonight that
      Left Ventricular Assist devices, such as
      ThermoCardio's Heartmate, have been found to allow some hearts
      to recover so that a transplant becomes unnecessary.
      Why is this not in the financial press by now? TMO
      stock could use some assist!

    • and few large investors want this to show up in
      their end of year portfolios. Plus, losses from TMO
      will help offset gains from more profitable

      This is known as "window dressing" in the mutal fund

      Good opportunity to buy, and when such securities are
      repurchased early next year, this helps create the 'January

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